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Rothstein leaves to settle up, while Meyer ducks into the next room, where Nucky's drinking and smoking at the bar. He assumes Lansky's there for more credit for Rothstein, and says he's good for up to a million, but Meyer actually asks Nucky not to extend him any more credit. "Is he not good for it?" asks Nucky. Lansky says he is, but everyone hits a rough patch now and then. "Is that what it is?" asks Nucky, not buying it.

Meyer defends A.R. as a great man who just doesn't like to lose. Nobody likes to, points out Nucky, but everyone has to learn how. He's taking the Tampa deal off the table. Not because of the money, he says, but because he can't rely on a man so blinded by his obsession with winning. "Tell him I'll find a new partner," says Nucky, and Meyer wants to know if the terms would be the same for him. This surprises Nucky, who seems to suspect Lansky but Meyer assures him it would be without Rothstein.

"Tell me something about yourself," says Nucky. Yeah, and make it quick -- there's not much time left in the episode so we don't have time to go through the whole card game rigamarole again. Meyer starts talking about his partnerships with Lucky, but Nucky wants to know something about what kind of man Lansky is. So Meyer talks about how when he was a boy, his father moved the family from Russia to the lower east side. "He was weak, my father. Never stood up," he says. One day on his way to school, Meyer was stopped by a gang of older boys, and the leader wanted his lunch money. "I told him to go fuck himself. He laughed, said he'd beat it out of me. So I spit in his face," says Lansky. And beat him, they did. All of them. Same thing happened the next day. But the third day the kid asked him to join the gang. And that boy was Charlie Luciano. "Last year we made more money than the president of the United States," says Meyer. And now you know … the rest of the story. "And I think you'll find us to be responsible partners both here or in Florida should you feel the need for eyes on your investment."

Nucky takes a drink and tells him it's five hundred thousand dollars in forty-eight hours. Lansky's all "Done" and they shake on it. Nucky tells him if the money doesn't show, this conversation didn't happen, and it won't happen ever again. He leaves, Meyer smiles, and then looks back into the other room, where the heckler is counting his money.

And Van Alden's hellish night is finally coming to an end as the Capones pull up at his pre-cut house in his pre-cut neighborhood, confirming that he'll help out on election day. "We understand some voters are still a little confused," says Frank. Then, noting Van Alden's non-finished house -- it doesn't even have siding on it yet -- they advise him to stick with them, and they'll move him into something with indoor plumbing. They pull out, cackling, leaving Van Alden standing on the step, Sigrid having come out to see just what the hell is going on. Well, you might as well go inside and fry some herring for breakfast or whatever the fuck.

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