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Frank tells Stu to relax and get out of the car. Stu's face is still bloodied from O'Banion's shotgun gag, and he says he can walk; he just fell asleep in the back of the truck. He's shocked to then spot Van Alden, and then assures the three men that he won't say anything. The Capones charitably offer Stu a head start, and he takes it, running away, and Frank hands Van Alden his gun. "What do you want me to do?" says Van Alden, and Al points out that it makes no difference to them if Stu tells O'Banion about this…

It only takes Van Alden a second or two to grab the gun, and he fires a couple of shots, clipping Stu, who falls, and then the gun jams. That's OK— Al's got this; he lets loose with the Tommy gun, peppering Stu and the surrounding trees, and then screams with laughter, Van Alden looking on, horrified as usual.

It's dawn at Temple, with Willie covering his head with his pillow against the sunlight and some sort of commotion building nearby. Scootch, in his housecoat, tells Willie he needs to get up.

In the hallway, a crowd of whispering boys has gathered around the bathroom. Willie pushes his way in, where he finds Henry dead on the floor, eyes open, soaked in blood that seems to have come from his still-dripping mouth. "He kept going to the bathroom all night, I heard him," says one of the students. Didn't hear his bloody screams as he died, though! On the plus side, Henry's roommate gets an automatic 4.0 for the year, right?

Back at the dreariest poker game ever, Rothstein is still losing, and it's at the point where he's requesting fresh packs from the dealer. No, not that fresh pack, a different fresh pack! Lansky quietly suggests they call it a night, but Rothstein says, "It's early yet." Well, technically he's right, since it's dawn. Meyer sighs and sits down. Dude, he's still gotta take the babysitter home after this!

Anyway, Rothstein doesn't "like the feel" of the deck the dealer just opened, and insists on a new one. The idiot dealer says he just opened that one, and Meyer tries to signal something to the dealer, but that only pisses Rothstein off more, who orders the dealer to look at him -- the player -- not Lansky.

Lansky tries one more time with A.R., leaning in and whispering, "Wouldn't it be best people don't see you like this?" That ship has arguably sailed, but that finally gets to Rothstein, who takes a long look at Lansky, says, "Okey-cokely, Meyer," and stands up from the table, pocketing the few chips he has left. "I've relished the action," he says. He leaves, and that stupid heckler gets in one last dig: "Thanks for the pocket change, Goldstein." Rothstein turns around and comes back, fake-smiling at the guy. "Rothstein," he says. The heckler just tosses an ante on the pot for the next round.

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