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In Chicago, a heavyset gangster named Jake is undone by a set of stairs whilst making his collections for the Capones — both in the sense that he has difficulty ascending them, and the much more rapid descent may kill him. He lies groaning on the landing, while we reflect on the fact that — up until Jake took a tumble — this was the most cheerful mob collection probably ever seen on television or in movies. Seriously, Jake and the guy paying up practically asked about each other's kids.

Over in Washington, D.C., Agent Knox is briefing a roomful of irreverent bureau agents on the Nucky Thompson hierarchy. The agents crack wise until the humorless J. Edgar Hoover decides to remind them that the men they're discussing are murderers. But Knox is looking at the bigger picture: the country-wide network of criminals, including Johnny Torrio and Waxy Gordon. Hoover's not convinced that it's an overarching conspiracy or anything -- even criminals have friends, he says. Knox says he'll prove it by finding the weakest link in Nucky Thompson's chain, and break it.

Speaking of Nucky: He's back from Florida, and from the way he's talking to Eddie — demanding a sandwich and a beer — he seems to have forgotten the promotion he gave him. Eddie politely says he'll get Tom to do all the shit that Nucky is ordering Eddie to do, and Nucky's all, "Oh right, that." I mean, if Nucky'd known that promoting Eddie would mean he might have to wait a little while longer to have a beer, he never would have done it. Tom can't do it right now because he's on his way back from the train station. Nucky wants Eddie — that is, Tom — to make sure A.R.'s got everything he needs. "I want him receptive to this offer," says Nucky. Eddie's attending to the business Nucky has given him to do, with the bank deposits or whatever, and positively glows over Nucky saying he has his utmost confidence in Eddie, even if Nucky's saying it mainly to keep Eddie from bugging him. And Eddie's even more pleased when Nucky sends him to the train station to meet a "Mr. Brown" and exchange cash for Mr. Brown's package. It's all very cloak and dagger, with the instructions to wear a white carnation in his lapel. Eddie solemnly shows Nucky the weapon he's got stashed up his sleeve, and Nucky tells him to not be so melodramatic: "It's only money." Maybe Nucky can explain what else he has going for him other than money?

Over at the Onyx Club, Daughter Maitland is rehearsing. I have no idea if this actress is also a singer, but whoever's doing the singing — I could listen to it all day long. So could Chalky; he hangs out and listens for a while, but is a little standoffish when Daughter halts rehearsal for some banter. Chalky allows that her accompanist can play, and Daughter's all, essentially, "What about me?" Chalky says he's got no complaints. "No compliments, either," she says, and Chalky tells her to just go on singing "'til the folks need to hear you." He heads for the bar, Daughter looking pissed, like she didn't get the reaction she was looking for.

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