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Previously on More Than A Woman: Jaime learned fighting and wanted to save the world. Her bratty sister was in need of a bionic swat. Starbot was cloistered in a motel with Professor Dorkus's father, trying to figure out how to repair herself. Isaiah Washington was vaguely menacing in a different way than usual. Poor Jae still had it bad for Starbot, despite her being evil, unfeeling, and possibly carrying a rebuilt tranny (hi-yo!). And because it can't be said enough: Isaiah Washington got kicked in the crotch.

We open on Jaime, running down a carefully lit and wetted-down alley in that bionic way she has. Her bionic eye scanning ahead, she seems to be running less stupidly than in the pilot, so I think they've been working on making her running scenes look less Ewok-ian. She leaps into the air and hurdles a bunch of dumpsters and a big fence, but she seems to land wrong on her robot leg/foot, because she seems to be in pain. You know how sensitive those mechanical parts are. Jaime dashes up to a red car with the windows steamed up and yanks the door open to reveal Becca making out with some dude in the back seat. "This is what you call 'studying at Rachel's house'?" Jaime asks, inadvertently inventing a really good euphemism. ("Hey, baby, you at Rachel's house?" "You want to hang out here and eat pancakes, or shall we go study at Rachel's house?" "We're just friends; it's not like we, you know, study at Rachel's house.") Jaime hauls Becca out of the car, and there's a big fight in the street about how Becca lied, and of course, Becca hauls out the airtight reasoning that she's "living [her] life" -- this is surely Becca's new universal defense, ever since the demise of "maybe I'll just move in with Dad." Jaime informs Becca's suitor that she's only fifteen, and he defensively says she claimed to be eighteen. Tell it to the judge. And while you're at it, maybe take your dates somewhere a little classier.

EAR GUY!!1!!1! Only actually, it turns out that he's not really Ear Guy, because the first thing out of his mouth as he looks over an x-ray is "What...did you do to my toe?" Petulantly, Jaime responds that it's her toe. She complains about it hurting, pointing out that the anthrocytes don't seem to be doing the job all that well. He calls her an "early prototype" (YOU'RE an early prototype!), saying that she's got "countless imperfections." She calls this assurance "so not reassuring." She's bionic Chandler! Noting how he keeps staring at her toe, Jaime asks Parts Guy whether he has a foot fetish. "No, Jaime, I do not," he says neutrally. "I'm pretty much just a simple boob man." Heh. Parts Guy (okay, his name is Nathan, and Parts Guy isn't as sexy-sounding as Ear Guy, so we'll give his name back) begins to quiz Jaime about the fact that she was spying on Becca when she broke his/her toe. Jaime is all outrage and indignation, but Nathan takes the position that making out in cars is kind of something teenagers do, as is lying. "Okay," he finally announces, "your toe is screwed." And he's going to give it a big shock to...reboot her toe? Kind of? I sense? Anyway, he tells her he'll shock her foot on three, and then shocks her foot on one instead, leading her to declare, "You suck!" Hey, be careful saying that to a guy who's working your toe. You never know what might happen. Nathan returns to the fact that Jaime shouldn't be mad at Becca for making out in a parked car at her age, and Jaime insists that "it's the lying." Nathan points out that Jaime's kind of living a double life at the moment, so maybe the importance of transparency isn't her strongest argument. With her toe fixed, Jaime gets up to leave, asking him not to tell anyone about the toe she broke. He agrees.

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