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During a replay of the last moments of Jessie's eviction from Thursday, we get to hear what he whispered to Michelle and Memphis: he told them each to stick with the other. Yes, always take the advice of the tenth-place finisher. He certainly knows what he's talking about. Michelle DRs about how when she heard the news she was shocked and enraged, and already regretted the things she hadn't said to Jessie. Things like, "I used to be a guy," I imagine. Keesha is pleased with herself for pulling off her palace coup. And April's DR is typically self-absorbed as she claims that the real target was herself, and Jessie was just collateral damage. Dan DRs that he knew half the house was going to be mad at him no matter how he voted. And it's not like he can tell them he's America's Player, and even if he could, he wanted to vote Jessie out anyway even if America hadn't told him to. Libra throws herself a little celebration in the DR, and Dan talks about how tense it was in the kitchen after the vote; he just concentrated on avoiding everyone's Medusa glares. I'm thinking this would have been a good HoH competition for Dan to try not throwing. Jerry DRs that he's permanently lost all respect for Dan for going back on his word. What do you hear from Brian lately, Jerry? And while April and Ollie and Michelle wander around the house pre-HoH competition and react in their own ways, Libra whispers to Memphis, "We need you." Good time to bring that up.

Flash forward to Thursday's HoH competition, in which we can more clearly hear what Jerry said when Michelle won: "Screw you people!" Grace in victory. He also told Dan not to hide behind his cross. Okay, Dan's not that skinny. Michelle adds that she was the only one who stayed up listening to the messages the night before, and it paid off. April DRs that everyone else is really scared of "us" now, meaning April and Michelle, like they're suddenly an alliance. Of course, April's closest ally is always whomever happens to be HoH. Dan blames himself for giving his word, although he adds that he was careful to take his cross off before the eviction. With a naughty smile to the DR camera, Keesha admits that Michelle is gunning for her because "I sent Jessie packing back to his real girlfriend." Hee.

Dan goes and hides in his room. Michelle's still on a high from her big win and a snootful of righteous fury when suddenly sparks fly between her and Renny, over almost literally nothing. And the next thing you know, everyone's screaming at everyone else. The highlight is April accusing Libra of swearing on her kids, which Libra furiously denies. Someone brings up the question of where Dan is, and Jessie's friends make some cracks about Dan is probably burning in Hell right now. Memphis takes offense on Dan's behalf, saying that bringing someone's religion into it is over the line. "Where I come from, people like that get punched in the mouth." Yes, and where you are now, the house is full of people like that. It might also explain why Memphis has such a small mouth; it's an evolutionary advantage.

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