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Welcome to the new purple title sequence, with the old porny theme music all remixed and reprocessed so it sounds a lot less porny. It also sounds a lot less like music.

After Jodi's summary eviction, Dan claims in the Diary Room that he got rid of her because the other two people on his team, Kara and Danielle, get along so well with each other. I don't know how he could tell that so soon after meeting them, but it probably wasn't hard for him to tell they're also cuter. Coming back to Day 1, Mike Boogie talks about how sad it wasn't for him, and Wil says the games have begun like he's Effie Trinket.

Afterward, Kara and Danielle bond in a bedroom, and a squeaky-voiced alliance is born. Mike, meanwhile, takes Dan aside to try to draft him as an ally, offering to let him "Will it up with me." Dan wisely DRs that it sounds like a deal with the devil, and, also wisely, doesn't commit to anything. However, Janelle takes Britney aside to launch a blonde veteran alliance of her own. So it looks like Dan's mind may be made up for him.

It's the first HoH room tour of the season. In the DR, Willie compares himself to his brother who called himself "King Russell" but had to sleep in the dirt. The HoH room also includes a separate room for the HoH's coach, so it looks like Britney's getting some cozy digs of her own...but without a door between them. Doesn't anyone think it's odd that there are no photos of Willie and his family on the walls? With, like, him and his brother Russell, who he claims to have never seen?

Late that night, Ian, unable to sleep, gets out of bed late at night to "explore every inch of this house." In his boxer shorts. And in the weirdest possible way. He thinks he's alone, but has apparently forgotten that there's a monitor in the HoH, where Russell, Britney, and Janelle are all sitting in the dark watching him act like a weirdo, and getting both freaked out and entertained all at the same time.

Britney is trying to pull together a voting bloc consisting of her team (Shane, Jojo, and Willie) and Janelle's players (Joe, Ashley, and Wil). She sits with Willie, Janelle, Shane, and Jojo in the HoH room talking about Mike and Dan, and Willie brings up how he thinks Dan is targeting him because he thinks Willie is Russell's brother, even though Willie denied it. But here, among friends, Willie cops to the relationship, while insisting he's not Russell. He's much less villainous, he wants everyone to know when he's not in the DR. Janelle proposes a two-week deal for the two female-coached teams to vote together. Wow, thinking big, aren't we?

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