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You Say Potato, I Say Shut Up

So we're down to six people left, and reactions to Joshuah's eviction are as follows: Sheila was expecting an ugly scene, Ryan thought it was totally fake and cheesy, and James says that with people taking out those next to him in trying to get him out, it's making him stronger. He's now using the strength and energy of Chelsia and Joshuah, you see. Used to be you had to eat a person's heart and liver for that, but times have changed. In the eviction replay, we hear Joshuah saying to Sharon as he leaves, "You're in here with a bunch of monsters." Well, yeah, welcome to Big Brother. Sharon is again seen breaking down in tears in the house in the wake of his departure, and can't even hold it together in the DR. Adam seems unimpressed with her emotional resilience.

Recap of the HoH competition, after which Natalie gushes that she dreamed Adam had won HoH, and since Adam did, she sees that as just another sign that God speaks to her. I wonder how she'll interpret God's restraining order.

James and Sharon commiserate together in a back room about Josh's departure, while the other four -- "Team Christ," they're still calling themselves, whisper jubilantly to each other. Natalie continues to believe that God is on their side. Meanwhile, Sharon and James wonder what they're going to do. Maybe Adam will nominate Sheila, James says desperately. Sure, that seems like a likely outcome for the last remaining original couple in the house.

James and Sharon then go out to the kitchen so James can play out the scenario he's predicting for the week: James and Sharon will get nominated, James will win PoV, and Adam will put Sheila up as the replacement nominee. Everyone seems fine with that except Sheila, who's already quietly commencing her self-conscious freak-out. Hey, coattails get pretty damn short at this phase of the game, lady. Try winning a competition some time. In other news, James's Mohawk as it grows out is starting to look like the plume on a gay Roman Centurion's helmet.

Off to Adam's new HoH room, where he reads his letter and is excited about the "babies" his people have lined up for him back home. Ew.

Sheila has apparently decided to visit with Sharon and James. We don't hear any of their conversation (and how boring must it be for that to be the case), but Team Christ is already prepared to cut her loose as soon as James and Sharon are gone.

Adam feels bad for James, who is feeling defeated and alone. Which then segues into a montage of James deciding to get back in touch with his inner "Crazy James," going around the house psyching himself up all Dwight Schrute style.

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