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Would You Get Mad If I Killed You?

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Would You Get Mad If I Killed You?

Saturday's episode kicks out the jams with new credits and a sucky theme song. Seriously, I've heard more affecting music in the elevator on the way up to get my teeth drilled.

Mike lolls in his armchair in the HoH room and looks all serious about the fact that he has, as he says, two people's hope and dreams in his hands. Mike takes his duties as HoH way too seriously. I mean, he's not in charge of student loans at Harvard, or anything. While Mike thinks about how important and powerful and wonderful and smart he is, Kent pops his head into Mike's room and tries to convince Mike to join his (at this point) probably non-existent alliance, which consists, he says, of all the guys in the house. "You gotta understand, man, these chicks aren't chicks -- these chicks are guys," Kent says. Mike sort of cocks his brow. "Meaning...?" he asks. "Meaning they're out to cut your nuts off," Kent says. "Riiiiiiiight," Mike drawls. So, let me get this straight. The women in the house, according to Kent, are like men, because they want to cut Mike's nuts off? I would think that a sexist like Kent would consider the desire to emasculate a purely feminine one, but I guess not. Anyway, Kent tries to convince Mike to join an alliance with him and the rest of the men in the house, to pick off the women one by one. Mike is non-committal. In the Dear Diary room, he leans back and says that he doesn't need to form an alliance with Kent, although he may "bring [Kent] along for the ride, as much as [Mike] is sick of hearing [Kent's] voice." Say what you will about Mike (like, for example, that you hate him, and think he's a giant tool), but at least he's got a strategy. If anyone's the Richard Hatch of this house, it's Mike. Although he's keeping his clothes on so far. Thank God. Mike tells Kent that he'll "marinate on [sic]" Kent's suggestions.

Bunky tells the camera that he's afraid he's going to get voted out of the house by the other men. "There's a war on between me and Kent, whether he knows it or not," he says. Bunky, it turns out, is coming out to the women in the house one by one, both because he hates being in the closet, and because he feels that he needs their help to stay in the house.

Bunky comes out to Autumn by showing her a picture of his husband, Greg, and their dogs. Autumn reacts as well as Bunky could possibly have hoped, I think, hugging him and being quite supportive. Autumn comes off well in this scene because she isn't just pretending that she doesn't care Bunky is gay because she's on TV, or wants to sound politically correct, or to further her agenda in any way. It truly doesn't bother her, and it's obvious that she really likes Bunky. Moreover, she makes a good point when she tells him that if he doesn't feel comfortable coming out to the rest of the house, he shouldn't feel obligated to do so. His sexuality, she points out, is none of their business. "They're strangers," she finishes, and hugs him, and kisses him on the wrist. Bunky whispers that he just doesn't want to be a loner in the house. Autumn assures him that he'll never be a loner as long as she's still in the house. Aw -- yay, Autumn! She's needy, but I think her heart is in the right place. In his interview, Bunky confesses that he's incredibly relieved that Autumn likes him for him, and doesn't care that he's gay. Everybody likes you, Bunky! Well, everybody who counts. ["I like him and all but, dude...'Bunky'?" -- Wing Chun]

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