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Mutiny in the Brigade

So we're down to five. Which means fewer idiots, but a lot more time spent with each of them. Everything's a tradeoff.

During a flashback to Thursday's double-eviction episode, Hayden Diary Rooms about how this "grenade" spiked his stress level. Enzo talks about how "the Brains" went home, and Britney calls Matt a "shady character" and it was time for him to go. Keep it clean, Britney! Ragan says he's upset about Matt's exit, but not as much as he would have been a week ago, given how Matt campaigned against Ragan. Again, everything's a tradeoff.

Hayden and Lane talk about what this means for the Brigade, namely that they have to get Ragan out of the house before he blows their cover. Because just think of the havoc when Hayden won the HoH, and everyone was happy about it except Brendon. And probably Ragan, who told them during a Thursday commercial break that it was great getting to know them all. Lane tells him to stop it, but then the remainder of the Brigade agree with Brendon that Ragan's eviction is plan A, and Britney's plan B if Ragan wins the PoV. Hayden and Brendon have a whispered conference in which Hayden assures Brendon that Ragan's his target and Brendon basically says, "He'd better be." After Hayden nominated Brendon and Ragan, he met with Enzo and Britney to whisper about the backup plan, which for Hayden, consisted of, "One of you three is going up as a pawn." And then Ragan won PoV and was happy to have guaranteed himself another week in the house. Hayden confirmed with Britney that she was okay going up as the pawn. Which she did, of course, and Brendon was voted out 3-0. "Oh, my gosh, it took forever," Britney celebrates in the DR. "The Neandertal [sic] is out." Enzo invites Brendon to go to the jury house with Rachel and "Go make ugly babies."

Exit Brendon, leaving the final five behind, to give him his props in absentia. "He was a target from week one," Ragan DRs. Hayden DRs to Brendon, "Sucks to be you."

Afterward, Ragan and Britney agree that they have to win. But how can they both win? Ragan still knows there's an alliance between the men of the house. "sans the house gay." Indeed, Enzo, Lane, and Hayden congratulate themselves on this final-five victory, and Enzo offers to nominate Britney and Ragan so Lane doesn't have to. Not that Enzo's ever won anything but a screening of The Other Guys, and I'm not sure "won" is the correct verb in that case.

Time for the second HoH competition of the week. There are blackjack tables set up, and Hayden will be "dealing" hands of blackjack, meaning he'll be announcing the cards the producers pick out. And then the other four will be trying to roll a ball down a seesaw ramp into a skeeball-type area, with the goal of landing the ball in the little pens that indicate each card. Ragan says he needs to win, because he's the only one not allied with someone, and Enzo says, "Win or go home. You can't blame nobody else for you not wining now. If you go home. It's your fault." I wanted to be sure to get that down. Lane says he doesn't want to win HoH, because that'll put him in the awkward position of having to choose between Britney or a Brigade member to go up against Ragan.

Lane gets a perfect score on his first round. Ragan does almost as well, and Enzo DRs, "It may be tougher to beat him than I thought." In five balls on her first round, Britney only gets one ball to score. But she's not too scared, since Enzo still has to go. "Just a bit much," Hayden remarks as one of Enzo's balls overshoots. "That's what she said." But he still gets it done in four tries, so he beats Britney and she's out, much to her embarrassment.

On the second round, Ragan only scores with one of his five balls, which is not great. Enzo's already smelling victory, which is why it's funny that he blows all five shots. Lane's annoyed, because he was going to throw it to Enzo, but now he has no choice but to win, which will put him in a bad spot unless he loses, of course. Hayden wryly calls Enzo "the most consistent competitor all season long." "The more I stay in this house the more embarrassing it gets," Enzo DRs. For him, yes.

It's down to Lane and Ragan for the last round. He takes all five balls to score his two cards, and Ragan is going to have to beat that to win. Ragan cuts it close, blowing the first three balls, but scoring with the fourth one. It's all down to one more ball, but the commercials land before it does.

After the ads, Ragan's last ball goes wide, so Lane is HoH. Lane is happy to be a lock for the final four, but he doesn't want to have to choose between Britney and a Brigade member to go up. Britney, oblivious to that, DRs about how everything worked out in the best-case scenario for her. Ragan, knowing about Lane's alliances, expects to go up, and Enzo says, "Blondie's gotta go up."

Ragan goes and slumps on a bed, sadly telling himself, "another week fighting for survival." He promises the DR that he'll do what he has to to stay in the game. Well, except for winning HoH like he needed to.

Lane asks Hayden and Britney who wants the pawn spot. Britney whines that she just finished being the pawn. Yes, for about ten minutes. Since Enzo isn't in the room, they suggest him, since he hasn't won anything. "As long as it's not me," Hayden DRs, with his standard team spirit.

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