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As you may recall, we waited an hour on Sunday for Aaryn to nominate Howard and Spencer on Day 36, exactly as we knew she would at the beginning of the show. Tonight, she starts off the episode by explaining her nominations in the Diary Room, which is that she's nominating Howard because everyone (read: Amanda and Helen) wants him gone, and Spencer because nobody cares about him except Howard. As for Howard himself, he DRs that another player who isn't controlling anything was nominated, as though he can't understand it. Well, duh -- if you were in control, you wouldn't have been nominated. Spencer is pinning his hopes on the third nominee. Helen DRs that she's glad Aaryn did what she said she'd do.

In fact, Helen goes up and thanks Aaryn, joined by GinaMarie and Elissa. After the bosses leave the room, GinaMarie worries to Aaryn about possibly being the third nominee again. Amanda comes in, asking if Aaryn knows how long she's been trying to get Howard and Spencer nominated. We all do, because that's all Amanda ever talks about.

Howard heads into the Have-Not room to pray, but is interrupted by Jessie, who has come over all verklempt about how winning could change Howard's life more than most of the other people in the house. Her point is that she wants him to win the Veto. Howard's grateful for her support, and promises to fight. Real meeting of the minds there.

Spencer seeks some assurances from McCrae that Howard really is the target this week, regardless of who the third nominee ends up being. He not only gets them, he receives encouragement to win the Veto, because McCrae is trying to split up Howard and Spencer and cultivate Spencer's loyalty. He also lies to Spencer about who he, McCrae, wanted nominated, in order to gain Spencer's trust. Odd, that. Especially since Spencer doesn't believe a word of it, as he tells us in the DR.

That evening, Spencer and Howard play pool in the backyard together, alone, ignored by the others. Spencer remarks on their status as pariahs and says he doesn't want either of them to go home. They're trying to stay positive, but Howard decides that he's gotten a bum rap and heads inside to make a little announcement to set things straight. He probably should have rehearsed it a bit, though, because he's not making any sense to anyone. To their credit, everyone listens patiently and politely and waits for him to be done. Howard seems to think he made his point, but Spencer says in the DR, "Major fail. [He] freaked people out."

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