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The Break-Up

Now that Kevin has nominated Jeff and Michele for eviction, Jeff denounces Kevin in the Diary Room as a "snake," although he seems cool with it when Kevin apologizes to him right after the nominations. Kevin, for his part, DRs that he's just trying to get rid of the strongest players. In the storage room, Kevin tells Jeff that he's not leaving, and Natalie backs him up. They're both lying.

Meanwhile, Michele and Jordan discuss the nominations, and Michele DRs that she'll just have to win the Veto. Jordan is also feeling low, thinking she let Jeff down on the HoH competition. It's a houseful of gloomy gusses right now.

Later, Jeff assures Jordan that he'll have to win the Power of Veto, which he thinks he can do, because as he puts it, he's a winner and winners win. Jordan's best-case scenario is her winning, taking Jeff down, and forcing Kevin to name Natalie as the replacement nominee. Jeff's just focused on winning for himself. He's either not thinking ahead to seeing Jordan go up as his replacement nominee, or he doesn't care.

Kevin walks into the HoH room to discover a new door there, with a big question mark on it. There's also a similarly marked envelope on one of the drawer/shelves. Kevin reads the note, which tells him that this is the doorway to "Pandora's Box," which could be bad, or good, for the HoH, or for the rest of the house. No way of knowing until it's too late. The monitor gives him a clue: a shot of sign that reads, "To release $10,000 put your hand in the hole," sitting on top of a very large box. Kevin soliloquizes about not knowing what to do, until he decides, "I'm a greedy bitch."

With that, Kevin enters the room behind the door. Pandora's box is sitting there, next to a flat screen monitor that reads, naturally, "Pandora's Box." Kevin sticks his hand inside, and nothing happens. Until suddenly his hand is trapped, and he screams like a little girl. We go to commercial on a grim shot of the door hiding Kevin's grisly fate. How awesome would it be if Big Brother squirted some fake blood out under the door right now?

But Kevin's laughing when we come back, saying, "I knew it!" He's stuck good. Meanwhile, the rest of the houseguests go out to the backyard to discover that it's raining cash. They run out and gather up as much as they can, while Kevin watches helplessly on the monitor, unable to participate in the windfall he brought about. After watching his housemates strike it rich, Kevin gets a new message on his video monitor: "The Key To Your Release Is Hidden Somewhere In The House." He starts hollering for help. Natalie's the one who goes up to see what's happening, and Kevin yells through the door that there's a key in the house that she has to find. Natalie goes scampering off -- but to collect more money, not find the key. What's awesome is that Kevin can see what she's doing on the monitor. He DRs that if it had been Jessie with his hand stuck inside a box, Natalie would have been all over it. Except Jessie would have just carried the box out into the yard. As the cash-scooping continues outside, Jeff suspects a catch, and goes inside to investigate, the pockets of his cargo shorts full to bursting. And not just the pockets, if you know what I mean, according to some TMI he gives us in the DR. Since Jeff is looking for the catch, Kevin is happy to make one up for him, and he yells through the door, "The only way you can keep the money is if you find a key in the house!" Jeff agrees to go search, leaving a trail of ones everywhere he goes. Finally he finds the key under a throw pillow on the couch and heads...back outside, planning to release Kevin as soon as he gets some more money. "This house is filled with some greedy folks," Kevin DRs.

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