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A Secret Plan to Fight Eviction

Tonight's episode is preceded by an in memoriam photo of Sherman Hemsley, who after all used to be one of CBS's biggest stars. So I guess it's only a matter of time before Charlie Sheen's mug is in this spot.

Welcome to the Willie-free portion of the season, which is going to be a lot longer than the producers probably planned. Sunday's show ended with his summary removal from the house for pushing Joe with his face, so now we have to flash back to that incident. Tiny little Ian admits that he wanted to break it up, but was too scared. Britney says she's down a player through no fault of her own or her other players. Shane also regrets his loyalty to Willie, which he says is now making him the biggest target in the house. As for Dan, he's gamed it out and figures that Frank will likely nominate two of the three people who voted against him last week, those being Shane, JoJo, and his own last player, Danielle. That's Dan, always half a move ahead of everyone else. Which, after all, is usually all it takes.

Meanwhile, Mike, Frank, and Janelle (who apparently has ditched Britney for good) go up to the HoH room to celebrate, and Mike Diary Rooms that they'll get to nominate and evict someone else on top of Willie. "Two for one, baby!" he crows. After things calm down in the HoH room (and Jenn joins them), Janelle suggests nominating Shane. Mike, however, proposes a plan that even he says is "crazy" and "very risky": nominate Danielle and one of their own players (meaning Janelle's, although he doesn't say so) to keep Shane and JoJo from even playing in the Power of Veto competition this week, and then backdoor one of them when his side inevitably wins. Eyes roll all around the room like pinballs, but Frank seems interested. Easy for him to say, since he's not going anywhere this week no matter what. Well, unless Joe calls him a name.

Shane and JoJo moan about their bleak future this week, now that Willie's absence makes them both targets. JoJo goes for a private talk with Frank, and says she and Shane got screwed. Frank reminds her that he warned her not to vote with Willie this past week, and isn't impressed with her appeal now.

And now it's nomination day, eleven minutes into a Wednesday night episode. It's a topsy-turvy world. Frank calls the meeting without any introspective narration. He reminds everyone that Ashley's safe, since Janelle granted her immunity after winning the coaches' competition. So the other safe people this week are, in order, Jenn, Ian, Joe, Wil, and Danielle, leaving Shane and JoJo as the nominees, just as they feared. I'm only disappointed that we didn't get to see Mike's idiot plan play out and blow up in his pointy-ass face.

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