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Will Is the Luckiest Boy In All The Land!

At long last, we're arrived at the finale of Big Brother 2! Before we get into it, I have to thank Wing Chun for being an awesome boss, the forums for their amusing commentary and constant live feed recaps, and my friend C for holding back my hair after Mike Boogie made me throw up the other night. One last thing: please think about giving blood or money or blood and money to aid victims of the recent terrorist attacks here in America, if you haven't already done so.

And on to the show! Because of the terrorist attacks, Big Brother was pre-empted by news for a week, and rightly so. So this recap kicks off with Tuesday's episode. Julie looks understandably tired as she tells the camera that the formal rules of Big Brother have been broken, and that the houseguests have been told about "the horrific events that unfolded the morning of September 11th" -- namely the terrorist attacks on Washington, D.C. and New York. She explains that the news hit Monica "especially hard" because her cousin, Tamitha Freeman, worked in the World Trade Center and, at the time of the episode's taping, was still unaccounted for.

We cut to footage of Monica in the Diary Room, being informed of the attacks on the World Trade Center. Monica looks shocked and upset, naturally, as a female producer tells her that they've contacted her family, and that her sister and niece are fine, but that they haven't heard from Tamitha. Monica puts her hand over her eyes and starts to cry. The producer -- Lisa? -- reassures her in a calm, firm tone that survivors are still being recovered from the rubble, that people are calling in safe all the time, that "this doesn't mean anything bad." Monica cries. "Okay," she says. Oh, man. I wonder how long it took Lisa to compose herself before she went to speak to Monica. Her voice sounds so calm and optimistic, like someone's mother putting on a brave face. Poor Monica. There's no funny here, people. And in light of this development, I just can't bring myself to call her "It'sOnica" anymore.

Next, Will and Nicole are called to the Diary Room. I'm sure Nicole's family is proud that Nicole's nipple is popping out of her tank top throughout this segment. Will's and Nicole's response to the news is, of course, shock and dismay. Will immediately puts his hand on Monica's shoulder. "Oh my God," he breathes. He then becomes very agitated, fiddling with the Big Blue Chair and his microphone and his shorts, like a child. Nicole begins to cry. Really cry, not her usual Tears of Phony Baloney Regret at the Eviction of a Friend. Lisa tells the houseguests that she'll keep them informed. The three of them just look gobsmacked. Like the rest of the world.

The houseguests go out to the patio, and try to process what they've just been told. Nicole can't figure out why the terrorists crashed one of the planes in Pennsylvania, of all places. "The pilot, he just took it down," Will says, looking at his feet. "He's a hero," he finishes. Monica just stares at the backgammon board.

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