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So it's Day 14, and Rachel has nominated Monet and Britney. In other words, we're two weeks in and have yet to get rid of an actual contestant. Britney Diary-Rooms about the point I made on Sunday, regarding Rachel's saying she wants to get rid of the people who are against her and Brendon: "Which is everyone except for her and Brendon." Monet DRs that she didn't punch Rachel in the face like she wanted to. This is going to be a theme with Monet tonight. As for Rachel, she claims it was a strategic move. Whatever. She and Brendon go upstairs to "unwind" in the HoH room while Britney goes into the have-not room to have herself a good cry, and Monet joins her. Ladies, these surroundings are not going to improve your mood. They complain about Rachel nominating them for personal reasons, even though they've never been anything but nice to her. "She's a stupid hooker," Monet says by way of example.

Outside. Hayden, Matt and Lane agree that the nominations have to stay the same, which means one of them must win the Power of Veto competition the next day. Both Lane and Matt think they're likely replacement nominees. "This isn't the vacation I thought it was gonna be," Matt says. Well, Matt, maybe you can find another way to make things harder on yourself.

Later, Rachel guiltily invites a weepy Britney up for a talk. Britney babbles to let Rachel off the hook, then gets to the point where she swears on her engagement that she hasn't made any alliances and doesn't want to go home. Rachel says she doesn't want that either; her real target is Monet, who she claims is a "strong competitor." Which is, of course, crap. Britney DRs that she doesn't want Monet out, and promises Rachel that Andrew is the one she wants out instead. That's not going to be a tough sell for anyone. Or is it?

Later still, Brendon tries to buck up Rachel through her guilt about making Britney cry. He assures her that it's just a game, and tomorrow she'll win PoV and keep the nominations the same. See how he got that in there?

The next morning, Britney tells Monet that Rachel is jealous of her, and they proceed to trash-talk the HoH some more. Britney gets in a good line: "Every time she wears a skirt I feel like STDs have gone airborne." If Britney does get evicted, can they make her a co-host?

Matt talks to Andrew about his wife's rare bone disease, which he's totally making up. [Not that it exists (it does), but that his wife has it. - Zach] Smooth move to tell the doctor about this first. There's a montage showing him shamelessly playing on everyone else's sympathies, then he promises to the DR that he'll make a donation to the foundation of the disease if he wins. Back to Andrew, who, as a doctor, doesn't buy it for a second. Too bad he doesn't have any friends to tell.

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