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Hey, y'all. I'm subbing in for the rest of this week's episodes. I have to admit that despite having watched every season of Big Brother (yes, even the first one) (and I used to watch the live feeds) (I was watching when Justin held the knife to Krista's neck), I actually and finally gave up on the show when Janelle got voted out this season. I just realized that I didn't care enough about anyone who was left to keep watching, and it all seemed really boring. But then M. Giant needed a sub and just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in. So I may not be fully up on every detail of the past few weeks, but I'll try to catch up (JK like anything happened in the last few weeks).

So the Silent Six is no more, and the Quack Pack (really? Although it makes as much sense as other alliance names of past seasons) is in power. Once Ian discovered that Frank and Boogie were coming after either Britney or Shane, he spilled the beans and Britney announced that they needed to get rid of Frank and Boogie. Shane was nervous because a mysterious box had appeared, but he got over it and nominated Frank and Boogie anyway. It must be SO hard for the producers to not just randomly fuck with the hamsters, right? Like I would be randomly changing things around so they would have all-night conversations about what it MEANS and what TWIST is coming up, and then have it turn out to be nothing.

What was up with Shane's nomination speech? It made no sense. He is as dumb as a box of hair, isn't he? I'm still so disappointed that Frank hitched his wagon to Boogie of all people. I wanted nothing more than for Boogie to get voted out the first week he was eligible. He is the WORST. And not in a fun "love to hate him" way. In a "gives me douchechills" way. Anyway, Boogie DRs that Shane will be in big trouble for breaking up the Silent Six. You keep thinking that, Boogie. You might want to work on creating a new alliance in case Frank leaves, since I don't think anyone else in the house is on your side anymore.

Frank and Boogie have a conversation about who's behind their nomination. Even they know that Shane couldn't have come up with that on his own. They think it's Britney and/or Dan, and they're pissed that they didn't backdoor Dan when they had the chance. Boogie vows to "blow the whole thing up." What is he going to blow up? Who in the house doesn't know what's going on? Jenn? Joe? Like they matter. Are they really going to be shocked and stunned to find out that there are alliances in the house? Maybe. Will it affect the final vote? Probably not. Although it might make something interesting happen for once, so I guess I'm for it.

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