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The Chenbot tells me that it's Double Eviction Night! Holy moly, are my typing fingers going to get a workout. Things are happening! And hopefully one of those things is the elimination of Boogie! Let's go!

After the previouslies, we get a live shot of the hamsters while Julie explains that either Boogie or Jenn is going home tonight. Let's take a moment to discuss Boogie's outfit. First, I need to remind you that, for the Season 2 finale, Boogie wore a custom baby blue basketball uniform that said Chilltown on it. And proposed to Krista. That must never be forgotten. If you ever start to feel sympathy for Boogie, just remember that happened and you will throw up ten times and then hate him again. So tonight, Boogie is wearing madras shorts, a gray button-down, a pink blazer with the sleeves rolled up revealing a gray patterned cuff, glasses, and a white hat. Can you believe that he put that ensemble together, looked in the mirror, and went, "Yeah, that's it." I mean, what? What is wrong with his brain? So, so much.

But back to the double elimination. Here's the skinny. Eviction, quick HOH, immediate nomination for eviction, POV competition, and second eviction. All in an hour! Hey, got to give props for Julie's cute mod trapeze dress. The side ponytail in her hair isn't the greatest, but she looks cute overall.

When last we saw our hamsters, Jenn was the replacement nominee after Frank took himself off the block. And Boogie refused to shake Dan's hand, like a child. Jenn vows in the DR that she's NOW going to become a force to be reckoned with. Girl, you are in no danger. Calm the fuck down. Frank DRs that he knows Jenn is a pawn but they need to get votes.

Boogie goes off to pout in the bedroom, bitching to Frank that he hates Shane and that Dan's a piece of shit for jerking them around. It's good to remember that Boogie has never manipulated or lied about his alliances in the house. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Ian comes in and weirdly pretends like he might not vote for Boogie to stay? Boogie panics and Ian reasserts that he's going to keep Boogie, but that he hates to vote out Jenn too. Boogie calms down and asks Ian to do whatever he can to help Boogie secure votes; Ian says he will. Frank thinks it's doable to keep Boogie.

Boogie's sulking around the house and making things awkward for everyone. Britney has to leave the room because it's so uncomfortable. Boogie finally asks Shane why he jerked them around and pretended he was going to nominate Dan. Shane says it wasn't his intention to make anyone look foolish. This is Shane's best defense at this point; say that he's doing what he has to do to go further in the game, and it's nothing personal. Frank actually tells Shane to "stuff [his] sorries in a sack" like who talks like that? And Boogie accuses Shane of being Dan's bitch.

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