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The Winner Takes #@&!-All

The racism disclaimer is back, either because there'll be clips of bigoted behavior from the past week edited into tonight's show, or because God knows what Aaryn or Spencer or someone else will say on live TV. After it's over, Julie tells us that Jeremy, Aaryn and Spencer each thought they controlled the house last week and now one of them will be leaving tonight. The downside -- and it's a big one -- is that it will only be one of them.

After the previouslies recounting the long and winding road leading to Jeremy's replacement nomination last night, Julie's back in the studio to tell us that it's been an "eye-opening" week. As opposed to most weeks that put us to sleep. There's a flashback to Kaitlin's PoV ceremony shown last night, in which she Vetoed herself and HoH Helen nominated Jeremy in her place, per the plan for the week. Helen is way too excited about this in the Diary Room, saying Jeremy's been the biggest bully in the house and unbeatable in the competitions. Aaryn decides she might have to kiss some butts after all, and Kaitlin is filled with mixed feelings over Jeremy being safe instead of her. Then she kisses him on the cheek, leaving a lipstick brand on his cheek that he proudly wears into the DR. Or he ignorantly wears it in there -- one of the two.

Aaryn and Jeremy are alone in one of the rooms bitching about their current poor fortunes, which Aaryn says are due to the fact that "people hate people who are good at things" and "who are cute." No, Aaryn, it's not that complicated; people hate assholes. Jeremy decides to show people his "softer side," and takes a literal approach to this. By which I mean he puts on the diaper and baby bonnet GinaMarie had to wear while hosting last week's PoV competition and parades around looking like an idiot. Remember when he said he was going to walk out with his head held high? So much for that. Amanda DRs that she was glad Jeremy was campaigning instead of looking to breastfeed (with a look down at her own girls). Indeed, when he approaches McCrae and Amanda and Judd, he makes a pitch for getting to stay and play for them. All I know is that if a six-foot-plus man in a diaper came that close to me, I'd agree to whatever he wanted to make him go away.

Aaryn, meanwhile, is trying to win people over by sharing some of her favorite workout moves. Well, that's not all; she's also transparently sucking up to people every chance she gets. Obviously no one buys it for a minute, except possibly Judd, who tells her she's been a lot easier to be around the past few days. She agrees that it's really hard for her to be nice, and thus feels she deserves to be acknowledged for it. Well, congratulations, Aaryn, on managing to nearly suppress most of the shitty behaviors that are your default responses to almost every situation. Good job being less of a dick.

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