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When Fat Janelle Met Saggy Dick

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When Fat Janelle Met Saggy Dick

So previously, Zach got HOH, which made nobody happy, which kind of made me happy, or would have if I watched the show on Sunday. Of course, he then followed the season's game plan of "Don't nominate Dick or Daniele" which made my newfound enthusiasm for Zach plummet. Only four evictions remain before the father-vs.-daughter finale! Can you stand it?? ...Me neither.

Blue-and-white Zach nominates Jessica and Jameka all over again, and we get to once again marinate in the rather hilarious idea that Zach put them both up because they'd be threats to him if he makes Final Two. Because you know who won't be making Final Two? Zach. You know who Thursday's double evictee is most likely going to be? Zach. Of course, he DRs that he's playing the role of "dream crusher" for Jameka and Jessica, so I now officially don't have to feel sorry for him. Jameka and Jessica both immediately call Zach's reasons out as bullshit -- Jameka knows he has a deal with D&D and Jessica knows this is payback for last week. Eric laments in the DR that Jessica's on the block because of his pushing to evict Amber rather than Zach. Partially true, yes, but Jessica also could have gathered up her stones and nominated Dick and Daniele like a smart person and avoided all of this idiocy, so she's at least partially reaping what she's sown.

Jameka and Jess whisper/bitch about the indignity of being possibly evicted by Zach of all ineffectual losers. They both realize their best case scenario is Eric winning the veto and taking one of them off, leaving Zach no choice but to nominate a Donato. Because they apparently still think Eric's going to act in their best interests. I mean, they don't know about America's Player, of course, and that even if Eric could stop fearfully wetting his pants long enough to actually nominate Dick (a huge "if"), he'd eventually be instructed to vote to keep him, leaving Zach as the unreliable tiebreaker. But even still, come on. When was the last time Eric made a game move that benefited either of them, really? They have to have caught on by now, right?

Zach and Daniele confab in the HOH. Their choice of shared mocking is Jessica, and they each try (and fail) to mimic her facial expressions during the nomination ceremony. Zach does better with his rendition of Eric's squirreliness, but...Zach still looks like a mule, you know? Kind of kills the moment. They both also arrive at the "duh" conclusion that Eric winning the veto would be the worst-case scenario.

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