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Willie (from Britney's team) nominated Kara (from Dan's team) and Frank (from Mike Boogie's team) for eviction on Sunday, and it took three minutes of this episode to get to that point. Coming back to Day 5, Willie DRs that he nominated the two strongest players on the teams that he thinks have the two strongest coaches. Mike says lying in the Big Brother house happens -- but you're not supposed to lie to Mike. It will later turn out that they're both wrong.

Post-nominations, Dan goes to Kara to try to buck her up. "You know who your coach is, right?" he reminds her. Yes, that's exactly what worries her.

Meanwhile, Janelle and Britney celebrate with members of their teams in the HoH room, and Janelle talks about Mike's ego, which it's hard to disagree with. And in the Have-Not room, Mike gives Frank advice on how to get through this week on the block, assuming that Kara's going to cry like all early-nominated girls do, allowing Frank to skate through. Because Mike Boogie's years of success in this game are so intertwined with how his understanding of female psychology rivals that of your average stand-up comedian. Jenn sits in on the meeting, "grateful to hear all this great advice from Boogs." "Boogs?"

The other nominee, Frank, has a private convo with Willie in the game room, and Willie confesses that the reason he went back on his deal with Frank is because of the whole Mike Boogie thing. The two of them share concerns about the coaches playing for themselves, and Frank tells Willie that his best hope in the house is not Mike, but Willie. Of course he wants Willie to think he believes that. Also, Frank might be right. Willie reassures Frank, but tells us in the DR that his real target is Mike. That talk could have gone worse.

Janelle and Britney talk in the bathroom about whether it's better for Frank or Kara to go home this week, then gloat about how things fell into place for them, allowing them to turn their whole half of the house against Dan and Mike without their having to do anything at all, other than not be Dan or Mike.

Speaking of those two, Dan talks to Mike about how the two of them are essentially having to compete against each other this week. And then they talk about how embarrassing it would be for those two "winners" to get beaten by the two girls, who Mike calls "Also-rans." I'm sorry, Mike, how many tries did it take you to win this? Mike DRs that he's going to make sure that his defeat is not going to happen. What can I do to make sure it does?

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