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In Name Only, Week Two

After a flashback to Kaitlin's eviction on Thursday night, Day 35, Aaryn Diary Rooms about how she's so proud of herself for getting everyone on her side. Of course she's taking the credit. Helen DRs that she hopes she didn't make a deal with the Devil, which obviously she did. Elissa tells us that this wasn't what she wanted, but went along with the hose, as did Howard. Andy remarks that Kaitlin may have broken a speed record getting out of the house, but she doesn't seem to have broken Andy's heart in the process.

Then we flash back to Aaryn's win of this week's Head of Household, which obviously she's pretty happy about. And so is GinaMarie, who appears to have made up with Aaryn again. Nothing patches up a friendship in the Big Brother house like one of the parties winning HoH. Elissa is speechless in the DR, which, if only that were true. Helen reminds us of the deal Aaryn made with her, whereby if Aaryn got to stay and won HoH she would let Helen and her alliance pick her nominees. We even flash back to two nights before the eviction, in which Helen made Aaryn agree to nominate Howard and Spencer if she won. Candice DRs about how this all makes her want to throw up.

Back in the house after Aaryn's big win, Jessie acts all excited on her behalf because she knows what side the house is buttered on right now. Meanwhile, in the Have-Not room, Candice frets to Howard that Aaryn is likely to nominate herself and Elissa. She just found out about the deal from Jessie the night before eviction, but she has apparent doubts about whether Aaryn will stick to it. She relays this news to Howard and makes him promise not to tell Spencer. I suspect Howard will tell Spencer.

Speaking of Spencer, he's already picking Aaryn's brain before she's even moved into the HoH room. She's playing it cagey, saying she has to wait until she hears from everyone else. With GinaMarie unpacking her stuff right next to her, Aaryn says that she's got no alliance anymore and is thus at the mercy of the house. This isn't what Spencer is trying to hear, though.

Helen takes Aaryn into the storage room to congratulate her and tell her that Candice has heard about the deal. Which we see Candice confronting Helen about in the bathroom minutes before Thursday's live show, and warning Helen not to let Aaryn nominate her or Howard. "She's gonna flip when Howard goes up," Helen tells Aaryn, who agrees to take the heat. Which of course she can handle because she can just go all mocking-chickenhead on Candice and flip her bed over again if it comes up. They assume Elissa was the one who told Candice, which is reasonable since Elissa told Kaitlin. Helen's running out of patience with Elissa, saying that the people in on the deal minus Elissa need to get together. Aaryn points out that would be enough people to send Elissa home. Too soon? Nope, all Helen is willing to do is wash her hands of it. Wow, do not piss of Helen.

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