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Over a Barrel

We're starting roughly where we left off on Thursday, with the barrel-walking endurance competition for HoH already underway. Howard's two closest allies, Spencer and Candice, each Diary-Room about how they're alone in the house now that Howard is gone. Too bad they hate each other. Amanda is glad to see Howard gone, but I can't imagine what her purpose is going to be now that she's finally accomplished her entire life's one goal. On Day 42, with eleven people are left in the house. Spencer DRs that he would have liked to vote to evict Amanda, but there are some bridges even he won't burn. We flash back to the moments between the eviction and the beginning of the HoH competition, when it was all hugging and mending fences. Supposedly.

Seventeen minutes into the competition, everyone's still in it. Helen is struggling, but McCrae's coasting, claiming that he's got carny blood. Which explains a lot. The cylinders themselves are starting to lose their covering where the players have been walking on them, so, top-notch equipment there. At some point the cylinders speed up, then after a while they come to a brief stop and reverse the direction of rotation so that everyone has to walk backwards. Spencer quickly loses his balance, then angrily and deliberately smashes his bull's head into his china cabinet.

Candice drops shortly thereafter, figuring (incorrectly) that Spencer was her only real threat and that she doesn't have to worry. Helen is the next to fall, hard, and then down go Elissa and Amanda. With his allies dropping, McCrae becomes more motivated to hang on. 32 minutes in, there are still five people up there, until Judd loses. And then so does Andy, but when his bull's head fails to hit his china cabinet, he pushes it over with his hand. So the destruction of the china must be, like, a rule or something. Andy doesn't seem like the type to smash things out of spite. Also, who cut Andy's hair recently? It looks pretty good.

Outgoing HoH Aaryn reminds the houseguests (and me, because I had forgotten) that the first three people to fall got to open the boxes waiting nearby. As the first to drop, Spencer opens the first box, which turns out to contain a bullhorn. And everything he says, from now until after the nomination ceremony, must be spoken through this bullhorn. That's actually pretty funny, in a house where private conversation is often at a premium. "GOOD JOB, GUYS!" he bullhorns to the remaining players. Candice opens the next box, which contains the five thousand dollars. The third box tells Helen that there's going to be a barbecue in the backyard for her and three houseguests of her choice. Considering she was expecting the unitard, she's pretty excited. That'll go away.

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