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Veto Threepeat-O

After Natalie's nominations of James and Joshuah, James decides that his new routine is to be on the block every week. Good of him to keep up. Joshuah knows that James is the real target, so he figures he just has to keep his cool and he'll be fine. Oh, play to your strengths, Josh. James finds himself isolated. To the extent that Joshuah and Sharon end up sitting outside talking matter-of-factly about James's impending exit.

Sheila is in the sauna with James, for some reason talking him up and saying he can win PoV. She's got a feeling. But then later she goes to Joshuah and tells him the same thing, in front of Ryan and Natalie and Adam. James overhears, gets out of bed pulls his pants on, and heads out to the kitchen while Natalie tries unsuccessfully to get Sheila to "Zip-a-dee-doo-dah." Joshuah takes off as James confronts them for all being against him, until nobody's left in the room but himself and an unrepentant Sheila. Then James goes outside with Adam. Left alone, Sheila goes to Joshuah, who's sleeping in the bed next to James's, and repeats her position that Joshuah needs to believe in himself and James is whatever. She's still blathering when James returns, still acting hurt as he gets into bed. Sheila then goes outside to the pool table to bitch angrily about James's pity party. Adam goes in and more or less tells James that Sheila feels better now that James knows how she feels. This time, James doesn't even bother putting his pants on to go confront Sheila one-on-one again, and he has a full-on screaming swearing meltdown right in her face, bringing up shit from three weeks ago. I'd call it a Joshuah-style hollerfest, but James actually means it and is almost crying while he calls Sheila a lying sack of shit (the other way it differs from a Joshuah performance is that James refrains from saying mean things about Sheila's appearance or socioeconomic status.)

Inside, James is still freaking out all over everyone about how everyone's against him, and he's finally reduced to hoarse tears. Things spill over onto Natalie, whom he accuses of getting Chelsia out. She reminds him that it was Adam who actually nominated Chelsia. Overhearing, Adam puts down the Bible and comes in to angrily defend himself, and James decides that he's had enough and wants to go to bed.

Late at night, James can't sleep, so he gets up and goes to the kitchen. Joshuah comes in to commiserate with him, and comment on the fact that nobody knows what Sheila's doing. James is just hurt that Sheila talked him up all day, when eh really needed it, and then he found out she was full of shit. In a DR, he weeps about how much he opened up. "There is no good way to play this game," he says. "There is no nice way to play Big Brother." He's just now realizing this? Actually, let me amend that; there may be a nice way to play Big Brother, but there sure as hell isn't any nice way to win it. He says this is the first time he's cried like this since his dad died, but he's going to keep trying hard in the game, for Chelsia and the other people who are pulling for him. Don't knock yourself out on my behalf, Jimbo.

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