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When she convenes the nomination ceremony, Brendon is of course automatically safe, as are Daniele, Porsche, and Shelly with their Golden Keys. The first duo revealed as safe is Jeff and Jordan, so any inter-veteran drama is at least temporarily forestalled. Daniele looks more tense than any of the other potential nominees. Kalia and Lawon are also safe, which means Adam and Dominic are the nominees. Rachel says it's "purely strategic; I have to look out for myself and my alliance." That's it. Adam DRs that he and Dominic are up for the second week in a row. He says he's been assured that he's not the target, but isn't entirely convinced. Dominic says he knew he had a 50% chance of being nominated, and is hopeful that after the "deal" he made he's up as a pawn. Daniele slowly DRs that if Adam and Dominic win the PoV, "It might be in my best interest to try to get rid of a really strong player this week." Oh, so cagey, as the editors give us a shot of Jeff and Jordan. Rachel says that she needs to win the veto so she can have all the control, because she's planning a big move. And also because Rachel always needs to be in control of everything, always. Not that she says that last part, except with her crazy-ass eyes.

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