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Dominic, with exquisitely bad timing, decides to wade into this to tell them how much he wants to play with them. "There's no other option for me other than on your side." Brendon warns that he and Rachel are targets, and Dominic kind of is too, after wining that PoV last week. "Well, everyone thinks that Jeff and Jordan are just so sweet and nice," Rachel whines, apropos of nothing. Brendon proposes him and Rachel working with Dominic and Daniele. Rachel vents her spleen about the whole conflict last week over the nominations, when HoH Jordan didn't do Rachel's bidding. "That was their first strike. This is their second strike." Dominic listens to her bitch, but he's in. I'm thinking Cassi had a better handle on things.

Dominic then goes and wakes up Daniele from her nap to give her an update. She says everyone is stupid, and he reminds her. You're the Donato. You need to do some damage." She asks him if he'd ever nominate Jeff and Jordan, and he says that he'd rather backdoor them. They agree that they need to get Brendon and Rachel to turn on Jeff and Jordan. Got their work cut out for them, don't they?

So Daniele gets right to work on that, going up to HoH after the party and talking to Brendon and Rachel about how dumb it was for Jordan to leave them out. Daniele pushes the exact right button, saying she gets how Brendon and Rachel are "scared" to go after Jeff and Jordan. Brendon is still trying to keep Rachel cool, but they're both giving it some serious thought.

Just as Daniele is leaving, Jeff comes in, all "What's up?" As Daniele leaves and Jeff sits down, it's pretty tense in there. Jeff wants to be sure Brendon and Rachel are cool -- or at least pretending to be cool, which they are. Jeff says if they were going after Brendon and Rachel it would have been last week, and they all agree that they have to stay together. Jeff DRs about how you have to be careful when dealing with Rachel's ego, which is like saying you have to be careful when you're fighting a school of angry piranhas.

It's nomination day. Adam says he hopes he made his case to Rachel, but if he's nominated, he's probably not the target anyway. It's cute how Adam lives in his own imaginary Big Brother house where anybody gives a shit about him at all. Speaking of targets, Dominic says he did what he could and hopes Rachel believes him. Lawon says he knows what he has to do to stay in the house. Is it what he's been doing? Or is that something different? I really can't tell. Jeff says that Rachel is an "emotional roller coaster." Rachel says this nomination is a "pivotal point" in the game. She says she doesn't trust anyone and needs to play strategically. First time for everything.

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