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Black-and-white flashback to Cassi's unanimous eviction, and Shelly DRs how much she hates that her own earlier vote helped put that in motion. Unintended consequences, as though there's any other kind in this house. Jordan says she would have liked to backdoor Brendon and Rachel, but it's too early in the game to make everybody mad, as if there'd be anybody mad at her besides Brendon and Rachel, and one of them would be gone. And Rachel responds to Cassi's accusation of her being catty and bitchy by going into the DR and being catty and bitchy.

Lawon explains in the DR what just went down, and how it was all as a result of Cassi's refusal to kowtow to the queen bee: "Whose house? Rachel's house!" Exactly. Shelly's glad to have the Golden Key, while Dominic DRs, "The Regulators could be the worst alliance of all time in Big Brother history." With two of the four already gone, it's hard to argue that. But at least that makes Dominic the most self-aware alliance leader in Big Brother history.

Flashback to Rachel winning her second HoH this year, making her undefeated for the season. "I am on fire!" she gloats in the DR. I wish. Brendon DRs that Rachel's the brains of the operation. And yet they're still winning. Adam says he'll need to start kissing Rachel's ass ("start?"), and Lawon realizes that with everyone else in the house either safe or aligned with Rachel, the nominated duo this week will be either Adam and Dominic or himself and Kalia. "I'ma fight like a dog up in here!" Lawon vows. A Pomeranian, maybe.

The veterans quietly celebrate Rachel's victory in a bedroom, while Dominic says that Rachel's win is the worst possible outcome. Hard to argue with that, too. Jeff quietly asks Brendon who they're thinking of nominating, and although Brendon demurs, he's leaning toward Adam and Dominic. Jeff DRs that given how much pressure Brendon and Rachel put on the eviction process last week when Jordan was HoH, he thinks he should have a say in who goes this week. Cute that he thinks that. Rachel imposes rules, Jeff, she doesn't follow them.

Adam is quietly hoping to Shelly that Kalia and Lawon will be nominated for not doing anything. One could make the argument to Rachel that Kalia and Lawon are floaters. Which they are, according to Rachel's definition, because according to Rachel's definition, everyone is.

Oddly, the house looks abandoned that evening. But upon closer examination, it turns out that everyone's just hiding behind furniture. So when Rachel comes out of the DR braying, "Who wants to see my HoH room!?!??!1!" there's no response until everyone jumps out throwing pillows at her. Thanks for trying to make it interesting for once, at least, guys. Rachel reads a letter from her sister, and Jeff mocks her in the DR for always talking about being engaged.

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