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After a quick (for this show) reminder that Head of Household Russell nominated Ronnie and Lydia on Sunday's episode, Russell tells us that in addition to wanting Ronnie out, this was a move designed to tell him where people's loyalties lie. In the Diary Room, however, Ronnie thinks he already has the answer to that question: with him. As for the other nominee, Lydia, she DRs that she used to be in an alliance with Russell, but now she's up on the block. Sounds like that alliance is over, sweetie. Kevin follows her to the red room and privately assures her that he'll take her off the block if he wins the Power of Veto. He seems surprised that this doesn't seem to make her feel better, as though he's ever won anything. Lydia just needs to hope that it's a scarf-wearing competition.

Ronnie visits Russell up in the HoH room, and puts on a big, fake-weepy show of apologizing for joining in with Lydia and Kevin in talking shit about Russell, and basically throws himself on his mercy. Russell pretends that he'll think about it, but he assures us that he isn't fooled for a second. He's not even trying to convince Ronnie.

The next person to visit Russell is Chima, who flirts with him and snuggles up a bit on the bed before saying she wants Lydia to go home. Russell maintains that he's got the votes to boot Ronnie: Jeff, Jordan, Kevin, and Michele. He gets a little heated, saying Ronnie has been lying and needs to go, and Chima agrees that she'll go along with whatever Russell wants. For now.

But at the same time, Natalie is having a whispered conversation with Jessie, saying she wants Lydia out. Because of how Lydia always allies herself with whoever's in power, but mainly because she's trying to "break us up." In the DR, Jessie agrees that Ronnie owes him more favors than Lydia does, so he's better to keep around. So the two of them join Chima and Russell in the HoH room, piling onto the case that Lydia needs to go before Ronnie. But Russell insists that he's done with Ronnie, and talking Russell out of something he's decided to do isn't going to get anybody anywhere. Or at least not anywhere they might want to go.

Outside, Natalie and Michele play pool, while Natalie tries to secretly line up Michele's vote to go against Russell and evict Lydia instead of Ronnie. Michele won't commit to anything, but she's not comfortable with being the deciding vote. It might cause someone to realize she exists.

The PoV competition drawing takes place. HoH. Russell and nominees Ronnie and Lydia draw Michele, Jessie, and Kevin, respectively, with Chima as the host. When they emerge from the house from the competition, all in togas and laurel crowns, they discover that the back yard has been decorated like the set of Rome, only cheaper, with a "Veni Vidi Veto" banner. Arranged around the yard are random items with large numbers of things stuck on and around them. And the players' podiums have faux-Roman versions of their names, on them, like "Kevinus" and "Lydius." I don't even want to get into it, it's too embarrassing. From a host podium shaped like a chariot marked "Chimacus," (I know, but that's the last one, I swear), Chima gives them five minutes to look over everything, so we know it's gong to be one of those Rain Man challenges where everyone has to guess how much of stuff there is. After they've had a chance to take everything in (including a rat cage you have to crawl under and stick your head up into), Chima explains the overly complicated The Price Is Right-like rules for the game, but I'm not about to sit and transcribe all that crap. The first question regards the number of jewels attached to the chariot Chima is standing in. First everyone bids, then they have to decide whether to "stay" or "fold" after hearing everyone else's guesses. Jessie is the only person who stayed with his guess, so he wins the point, even though Kevin's guess was the closest. He just can't seem to get off the ground, what with the extra weight of Lydia's hopes for her safety pinned on him.

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