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HoH Chenterview with Rachel. Julie asks if she and Brendon are planning to bring someone else into their alliance, and Rachel names Britney. I'm sure Britney would be tha-rilled to hear that. Julie asks her if targeting women is a strategy, but she maintains that they're the ones coming after her. Sure they are. Julie asks Rachel who's next, and Rachel demurs a bit before naming Matt. You know, as long as none of these other skanks in the house come between her and her man. Watch your step, Kathy! She keeps laughing annoyingly while Julie quizzes her about her relationship with Brendon and whether the honeymoon is over, given their arguments this week. Rachel maintains that that just proves that it's a real relationship. As shown by the fact that last night she threatened to end it.

Julie switches channels to the living room so Hayden and Kristen can make their case. Hayden doesn't pull any punches, saying he has too much class to throw anyone under the bus. "Unfortunately for Kristen and I, some people don't have any class at all." Which is a totally classy remark. He thanks them and spouts the old line about people needing to vote for whoever will benefit them most. When it's Kristen's turn, she hearkens back to Andrew's accusation that she has no heart, and disagrees with it, calling some nameless people "cowards" and herself a "stand-up person." Which is why she's not naming names. Well, that was dull.

Time to start the voting. Enzo votes to evict Kristen, duh. Kathy makes a sad-clown face while voting to evict Hayden. Matt votes out Kristen, and after going to the ads with the count at 2-1, Lane votes to evict Kristen, so the only way she stays is if everyone else votes to keep her. But then Ragan votes to evict "the kindest, and hands down most compassionate person in the house, Kristen," so she's gone. Brendon casts a revenge vote for Andrew against Kristen, and Britney votes with everyone else. Nice try, Kristen, but Julie tells her she's evicted six to one. She hugs everyone and heads out to the studio. After everyone quietly watches her picture on the memory wall go gray, we join Kristen for her exit Chenterview.

Julie compliments her on her campaign to stay, which filled almost ten whole minutes of screen time, and asks what she thinks happened. Kristen says people were worried about being on the wrong side of a 3-4 vote, and because Kristen has already gone over her weekly allotment of screen time several times over, Julie goes right to the farewell messages. "I think it might clear things up," she says, which doesn't come off at all smug.

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