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Julie's olive-drab tablecloth beautifully sets off her jewelry as she tells us that Hayden and Kristen's showmance will be ending tonight, one way or another. In the Diary Room, Hayden wonders where his genius plan to have Britney use the Veto went wrong. And Rachel DRs that she floated the idea of nominating Lane to Britney on purpose, to sabotage the [finger-quotes] super-alliance. "I want Kristen out of here."

Kathy commiserates with Kristen over Britney's betrayal, and Kristen does some more crying in the DR about being separated from Lane. She's getting a lot more screen time now that she's always either a) fighting, b) crying, c) about to go home, d) dressed in a ridiculous outfit, and e) all of the above. Now was that so hard?

Hayden approaches Rachel and Brendon outside, and they assure him that he's safe; he's got Brendon's vote, at least. Hayden figures that counting Brendon's vote along with those from the Brigade, he can just coast. Famous last words, right?

Across the yard, Britney explains herself to Enzo about the whole thing with Rachel thinking about replacement-nominating Lane, which pisses off Enzo. "The Brigade's comin' after 'em," he boasts in the DR, like that's news.

Hayden joins Kathy and Kristen, and then Kathy leaves so Britney can tell them about Rachel's Lane plan. They get it, which I guess means Britney's out of the doghouse, but now they're mad at Rachel for destroying their plans... to eventually evict Rachel. Britney leaves them to complain about how they won't see each other for two months no matter what. Hayden tells her not to stop fighting. Wouldn't she have to start? Kristen agrees that she'd regret it if she didn't, and cries some more.

Ragan, Britney and Matt hang out in the HoH room. As Britney says, you can't hang out in there without her without making fun of Rachel, so they put on her hair extensions and start doing just that. And because nobody on TV can do a mocking impression of somebody without that person walking up behind them -- even on reality TV, even on this show where there are monitors showing the approach to the door -- Rachel and Brendon walk in and bust them. Except Rachel thinks it's all completely hilarious, taking it as flattery instead of the cruel mocking that it is. Which gives Britney license to continue the act. Everybody wins!

The Brigade works out in the backyard while Kristen watches. That, plus Hayden's earlier invitation that she keep fighting, makes her realize that Hayden must be in a secret alliance. So Kristen finds a sounding board-slash-potential ally in Ragan. He says he's been thinking the same thing, and suggests Kristen go to some other people with that.

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