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To Be Perfectly Frank

Julie's dressed like a hot-pink ace of diamonds as she welcomes us -- and a live studio audience -- to the show. A zoom-heavy previouslies sequence brings us up to speed: former players (Janelle, Britney, Dan, and the ever-tiresome "Mike Boogie") came back to coach this season's crop of losers. HoH Willie (Team Britney) nominated Frank (Team Mike) and Kara (Team Dan), and Shane (also Team Britney) won the PoV for the week. "And the house-flipper decided not to flip the house," the narrator says by way of saying Shane decided not to mess with the nominations. It's nice that they didn't have to sit on that one very long. Back in the studio, Julie welcomes us back and goes over the situation yet again while we see shots of the waiting players inside the house. Mike's latest in his seemingly endless series of desperate fame-milking t-shirts reads, "Where's Will?" Where indeed? Julie's segue is about how the coaches think they're in control, but the players are really running the house. Come on, Julie, we know the producers exist.

Back to Day 9 and Shane's non-Veto, which he held off on using in order to show his allegiance to Willie and his team. Frank's first move post-noms is to go see Willie in the HoH room and tell him he doesn't trust anyone in the house as much as he trusts Willie. Which is an odd thing to say under the circumstances. Willie says all he wants is for Frank to keep his mouth shut, and he'll round up the votes to get rid of Kara. Frank assures Willie in turn that he can trust him.

As Willie tells us in the Diary Room, he actually does want Frank to stay. So he basically gathers Janelle, Britney, and their respective teams, discussing which of the two nominees to actually get rid of. The room seems to lean toward booting Kara, in order to cripple the already weakened Dan.

But in the interest of longer-term damage control, Janelle goes over to Dan in the backyard to complain about Kara's impending departure and explain how she, Janelle, tried to make a case to save her. From over at the pool table (where Ian is beating her like a drum), Britney keeps casting suspicious glances over at the other two non-Mike coaches, suspecting that Janelle is actually going over to Dan's side rather than just cravenly sucking up.

And Britney's paranoia lasts the night, although it changes forms by morning. Over breakfast, she notices that the photos of herself and the other coaches on the memory wall have keyholes next to them. Which, why would that be the case if the coaches weren't going to have to join the game later on? After this demonstration of mental acumen, Britney has to balance the scales somehow. So goes to Willie and secretly tells him that the math doesn't add up for the number of evictions and the number of weeks in the game, unless the coaches are brought in at some point. Otherwise, it's only three weeks until people start going to jury. Britney warns Willie not to tell anyone. Why tell Willie, then?

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