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So here it is, the eleventh show of the ninth season. How disappointed do you think the producers are that Alex, the 9/11 orphan, got booted last week and isn't here for episode 9-11? I bet they would have made him a cake.

Julie welcomes us to Day 28, and reminds us how much Joshuah hates Allison, that she and Ryan are nominated along with Sheila and Adam (who took the place of self-vetoed Matt and Natalie), and that there's going to be a big twist tonight. I don't really care what it is; I'm just glad that after tonight, it'll be down to eight people from the original sixteen. We're at the halfway point! Whoo!

After the veto meeting, Allison is glad to be up against Sheila, since it's time for them to go their own ways. And Matt is looking forward to being owed a favor by whomever ends up staying tonight thanks to his vote.

Some of them hang out in the backyard, wondering what the siren means and speculating that it's going to go off in the middle of the night. And meanwhile, Natalie and Josh sit up on the mezzanine and have basically the same conversation. It's so interesting to get the identical perspective on a situation from two very different groups of equally stupid people.

Allison and Ryan hang out by the hot tub, and Allison pushes Ryan to go talk to Matt, since she doesn't trust him. So Ryan does that, and Matt assures him that he doesn't need to worry about it. Of course, he says that same thing to Adam, and to Allison, and to Sheila. Matt DRs that this way, whoever stays will be grateful to him. Of course, he'll also have a sworn enemy in the jury house, but he may not be thinking that far ahead.

Satisfied that Matt and Natalie are in the bag, Allison goes to James and Chelsia to beg for their votes. While the other couple snuggles together in the hammock, Allison assures them that Matt is going to vote for her and Ryan, so James and Chelsia won't be left twisting in the breeze.

Which puts James in an awkward position when Sheila says the same thing to James, and reminds him that in the event of a tie, the HoH couple picks the couple to leave. Which means Allison and Ryan needs both of the voting couples on their side, of course. James realizes that Matt is playing both sides, which offends James as someone who hasn't promised anyone anything.

So James decides to put an end to Matt's little game, as he goes out to the pool table to join the other three non-HoH guys. He quickly establishes that Adam and Ryan are both expecting Matt's vote. Matt does some fast talking to try to get himself off the spot, but Ryan and Adam and Sheila look pretty worried. Allison isn't on the scene. Presumably she's working on giving Big Brother a new, even more terrifying makeup-removal shot for the archives.

In the DR, Natalie and Matt discuss whom to boot. Natalie wants to get rid of Allison because she's manipulative, but Matt wants to keep her around to do his dirty work, plus Ryan's his boy. We don't see Natalie try to leverage their disagreement to get herself a massage. When James and Chelsia get their turn to discuss it in the DR, she thinks it might be good strategy to keep Sheila and Adam, but he says they don't deserve to be there. He also affectionately calls her an idiot. They're so in love.

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