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Previously: The house decided to get rid of James, which actually means Mike and Will decided to get rid of James, which actually means Will decided to get rid of James, which actually means Will's Eviltron-3000 chip did the relevant calculations and concluded that it wanted to get rid of James. There was a beep, and James's fate was sealed. This displeased Danielle, who vowed that she would take down Will and Mike. Danielle also appeared to be turning into a puffier, sadder, more desperate version of herself, which was not good news. Erika's decision to continue making out with Mike was not only not good news, it was such very bad news that it seemed like it needed its own catchy title on cable news networks, like "Crisis In The Nether Regions," and a little crawl explaining that it often takes weeks for the itch to develop after exposure. ("Rash On! Apply directly to Mike 'Boogie.' Rash On! Apply directly to Mike 'Boogie.' Rash On!...")


The credits make me sad, because as much as I don't like Marcellas, no one deserves to be immortalized leaving the house in a peach tux and a giant wig, looking like he just got here from The Gong Show. Where he was gonged. And where he was a woman dressed as himself.

In blue and white, as the piano tinkles, James is evicted for the third time (live, in the previouslys, and now). George DRs that he has to "salute" James for being such an "awesome, awesome competitor." Erika agrees that she liked James, but she found him "so dangerous" in terms of the game. Will explains to us that tonight's vote was the breakup of the Legion Of Doom. He says he never really trusted James, and he had to get him out.

Then we are in color, and it is Day 53. Fifty-three days those people have been without contact with anyone but each other. If it's possible to die of irritation, that's what would happen to me. That's why I couldn't do it. That, and the fact that they have missed half a season of Project Runway. Erika hugs Danielle, who doesn't respond, but just stands there like she's the catatonic sister in a Tennessee Williams play. In the DR, Danielle says that James shouldn't have left, because she trusted him. Danielle is suffering from a bad case of using the words "he shouldn't have" where she means "I wish he hadn't." Mike says that there are all these high stakes, because everybody realizes that they could be next. Janelle, of course, just wants you to know that she didn't feel bad, because James went after her first by asking George to nominate her. Which we never saw happen, but I'm sure her word is good. After all, she wasn't there; she ought to know. James's picture turns to black and white.

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