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Slip Slidin' to HoH

We rejoin Thursday's HoH competition already in progress, because of how it is likely to be interminable. Danielle reminds us that it's not just a race, but a decision, namely whether each player wants to be the first to fill their large HoH jug, or a smaller jug to win "Safety" for the week, or a third one to win ten thousand dollars. Well, okay, it's a decision for everyone but Frank, who as HoH doesn't get to play; and Mike, who's automatically going for the money no matter what. "Do you know how much, like, diapers and baby food cost?" Mike asks in the DR, decked out in enough bling to put his kid through private school. Frank doesn't appreciate Mike's strategy from the sidelines. So now the players are struggling up and down their slippery plastic lanes, carrying about a half a cup of water at a time. Joe is racing for Safety so he can relax for the week (it would be interesting to see what that's like), as is Dan so he doesn't have to pick a side sooner than he has to, and Ashley is doing the same after Wil's exit left her isolated in the house.

We flash back to Wil's eviction on Day 41, which leaves things a bit tense between Frank and Dan given Frank's temptation to backdoor Dan last week. Others react in the DR to this, which segues, somewhat appropriately, to Danielle and Ian repeatedly taking hard spills during the HoH competition. Ashley's "strategy" is to alternate between crawling and wiggling. As the race continues, Danielle, Shane, and Ian are the only three people trying to fill their HoH jugs. Ian DRs his estimate of the jug's volume, "I'm not a big fan of English units, [but] we're looking at about 500 trips back and forth." He remarks to the others that people with "small, girlish hands" have an advantage in this competition, I guess because they'll be able to reach in further to grab their cork. Which doesn't necessarily rule out Ian, mind you.

Britney and Dan are in a two-way tie for Safety, but Britney's negotiating the slippery lanes relatively easily, putting the pressure on Dan and leaving Joe, Jenn, and Ashley in the dust. After one trip, Britney's about to go back for more, but decides to try snaking her little fingers in there, and manages to come out with the cork. So Britney's safe for the week. Which means Dan, Jenn, Ashley, and Joe are screwed at this competition. It's surely far too late for any of them to switch to trying to fill their HoH jugs and hope to catch Shane, Danielle, or Ian. Or at least that's what Joe figures: "I AIN'T WON NOTHIN'!" he bellows at the Diary Room camera while we watch him lie down in his lane for a while.

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