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Julie brings us up to speed from the stuff that's happened so far this week. Sharon and Sheila, of course, are not remotely aware of the plan to evict Sharon in Joshuah's place, so they're considerably less up to speed. For now. Sharon DRs that it's going to be hard for her to watch Joshuah leave. Sheila sympathizes in the DR with the powerful Sharon/Joshuah bond that is about to be torn asunder. And Joshuah is feeling pretty confident about his prospects, since Natalie has promised to break a likely tie in his favor. But Natalie DRs that she's now balking about having to break any such tie, and would much rather Joshuah secured himself a third vote so she doesn't have to be Sharon's executioner.

Josh is looking kind of smug lounging in a chair, until Natalie confides to him that she doesn't want to have to cast the tiebreaking vote. I do enjoy watching that smug expression just melt. So he decides to cover his bases by going after a third vote, namely Adam's. Joshuah takes up position at the kitchen counter and starts crying over some pizza sandwich just as Adam comes in. Adam wonders what's up. Joshuah throws a great big fake breakdown, hurling himself into Adam's arms. A clueless Adam comforts Joshuah, getting him a tissue and everything. He's totally unaware he'd getting played, and offers to make the vote "2-2" for Joshuah.

Later, in the hot tub, Joshuah and James soak while Natalie frets to them about whether keeping Joshuah is going to bite her in the ass. They don't exactly go out of their way to reassure her, which is a mistake on Joshuah's part. He would rather just give Natalie a cold "Don't need you any more anyway, Dizzy" look.

Which backfires. See, Josh forgot something about Natalie, which is that she can't keep a secret. So Natalie goes and tells Sharon about the plan, and an irritated Sharon tells Sheila. The three women end up going into the HoH room and forging a female alliance. Which isn't necessarily going to help them that much in the short term, seeing that Sheila is the only one of the three who gets to participate in the upcoming vote. Now Natalie has to secure Adam's and Ryan's votes to evict Joshuah.

So Natalie pulls Ryan into the HoH room to make sure he's on board with booting Joshuah. Natalie wants to blindside Joshuah and James, and the best thing Ryan can come up with in defense of his secret ally is "Sharon just worries me, man." Natalie passes that along to Sharon, so Sharon assures Ryan that everyone knows she's trustworthy, and if she leaves, James and Joshuah will take them out. Seeing Adam coming, Ryan and Sharon duck into a bedroom to finish forming their alliance.

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