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Jeff nominated Kevin and Natalie, as per his agreement with everyone, including Kevin and Natalie. The actual plan, as you may have recalled, was to put those two up as pawns with the ultimate goal of backdooring Russell. After the noms, Natalie smiles to everyone that she has the record, with four nominations. Maybe she could act a little less cheerful about it. Russell goes to talk to Jordan, but she leaves the room the moment he enters, assuring him nothing's up and calling him paranoid. But still leaving the room. He's like, Paranoid? Yes, yes I am. He Diary-Rooms about the importance of the upcoming Power of Veto.

In the backyard, Russell thanks Jeff and promises to never nominate him or vote against him. Meanwhile, for some reason, we learn in a DR interview that Jeff has decided to be pissed that Russell didn't vote the way he wanted in the Coup d'Etat eviction, as if Jeff even had a chance to tell anybody what he wanted from them. This is starting to look like one of those times when you're about to do something shitty to someone so you start looking for other reasons to be mad at them. I mean, not you, personally. When I say "you," I think you understand that what I actually mean is "Jeff." When Russell tries to chuckle goonily about how the two people who had the first fight of the season ended up being friends, Jeff barely looks at him. Way to play it cool, J-Man.

Over the lunch table, Natalie and Kevin take the opportunity to suck up to Jordan, who assures them that they're just pawns. Although she does remind us from the DR that the plan is dependent on the Power of Veto results. They sure work hard to get us to watch on Tuesdays.

Jordan reports back to Jeff up in the HoH room. As they watch Michele over the monitors while she gazes at the memory wall, Jeff thinks it's not a bad idea to do some studying. In fact, he gets annoyed with Jordan for not focusing on stuff when he asks her to. "If we're going to make it together, I need help from you as well as me." They start arguing about it, and Jeff acts like a pissy little baby when she doesn't appreciate it. He finally pouts that he isn't going to help her any more, and she can do what she wants. Isn't it showmantic?

But they're both still asleep in the bed the next morning when Russell rings the buzzer, trying to bring them a little snack. He's left hanging out there. In more ways than one.

Rebuffed, he regroups with Michele in the backyard, wondering what's up with Jeff and hoping he's not thinking about backdooring one of them. Oh, Russell, stop being so paranoid. Why would Jeff want to backdoor Michele? Again, all they can say is that they'll both try to win PoV tomorrow. Can we ever have an episode where nobody at all gives a shit about the Veto?

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