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All righty then. Saturday, Saturday, Saturday! As usual, this episode kicks off with an extensive recap of Thursday's machinations, including Autumn's ousting and Hardy's Glorious Victory in the Head of Household challenge.

Hardy and Bunky confab in the bathroom shortly after Hardy's Glorious Victory. Hardy tells Bunky that he's not sure he can trust Nicole, after all. He suspects she's the one who prompted Autumn to talk shit about him during her final statement in the house. Bunky bobs his head back and forth.

Turns out a lot of people are questioning Nicole's motives. Bunky tells Hardy he's not sure any of them can trust her. Kent doesn't think she's trustworthy, either. Kent and Hardy play a little one-on-one and discuss the fact that Nicole must have said something to Autumn about Hardy's not voting for her, although, hello, no one voted for her. It seems that Hardy's mostly upset that Nicole intimated he was trying to organize the rest of the houseguests to vote against Autumn. Hardy bounces the basketball and insists that he did no such thing.

For her part, Nicole is all broken up about Autumn getting the boot unanimously, but she isn't willing to discuss it. Instead, she and Krista and Monica sit in at the patio table in silence.

In the Big Blue Chair of She's Infiltrating Chill Town...Or Is She?, Nicole explains that, now that Hardy is HoH, he can "shift the game however he likes," and when the nominations come out, everyone will be able to tell whether he's "stuck to the game plan" or not.

"Hardy is Head of Household, and I think Chill Town starts to dwindle from here," Shannon tells the camera. Then she looks off and sniffs that she feels as though she "let Chill Town down" when she lost the HoH challenge to Hardy.

Hardy muses that he doesn't understand why Mike was surprised to see him defeat Shannon with the power of math in the HoH competition. He wonders aloud whether Mike doesn't think he's "educated." Poor beautiful Hardy. People see his beefcake appearance, and automatically assume he's dumb. I admit, I figured he was a bit of a himbo, myself. Mea culpa, though, because I think it's now pretty clear that Hardy's no dumb bunny. First of all, although he does swear quite a bit, he's very well spoken; he never says "um" or "you know" or seems at a loss for words. Second and more importantly, I suspect he's playing this game like...well, some kind of musical instrument other than the clichéd violin. A banjo? If Mike, Shannon, and Will can't see that Hardy's brighter than the average pretty boy weightlifting bouncer, they're just not looking.

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