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Lydia, Oh, Lydia

New title sequence, with a re-mixed theme song. I'm not surprised to see that there is no graphic reference whatsoever to the clique thing. That'll make it easier to abandon the whole concept halfway through the season, I guess.

The previouslies bring us right up to Jessie's (ugh) reentry into the house (UGH!) and joining the Athletes clique. Kevin (Offbeat) becomes my new favorite houseguest by Diary Rooming about how much he hates Jessie. Kevin's clique-mate Lydia also dreads having to deal with him, Jessie displays his obnoxiousness in the DR to considerable length, and Russell looks forward to being on Jessie's team, since he thinks they have a lot in common. One more reason to not be a fan of "the love muscle." Natalie also thinks he'll be an asset on their team, because he was such a plus last year. As for the Brains clique, Ronnie isn't worried about out-thinking him.

Later, Lydia makes a point of sucking up to Jessie, which irritates Russell, because she's not sucking up to him. Lydia will pay for that. Oh, she'll pay. Also, we learn that Jessie has been chasing his dream of becoming a "WWE superstar." I'm all for that. I never watch WWE.

Brains conference! Ronnie suggests to Michele and Chima that he approach Jessie to propose an alliance. Jessie, meanwhile, pulls fellow Athlete Jeff into the supply room for a meeting of the minds, which actually leaves everyone dumber.

Jessie shows off his HoH room, which is newly re-fancied, with a waterfall and everything. And Jessie whines to both his fellow housemates and to us about how lonely it is up there. He should probably go home, then.

Jordan (Popular), Michele (Brains), Lydia, and Ronnie talk about how much they hated high school. Except Jordan, who insists that she was never mean to anyone. Ronnie thinks this is a great opportunity to show the world that there's more to them than their appearance. "It's a chance to overcome those boundaries." On this show? Well, he's certainly overcoming the "Brain" label if he thinks that's going to happen. And he's just getting started. Michele points out that he is wearing a T-shirt with giant letters on the front that read "DORK." And then she laughs, dorkily.

Ronnie makes his approach to Jessie: he promises the Brains' votes for whoever Jessie wants out, saying they have no game and will do what he tells them. Classy. He sweetens the deal by saying he'll return the favor "When I win HoH next week." Jessie agrees to the deal, or pretends to. Ronnie describes the situation by using a Star Wars analogy in the DR. Way to break the nerd mold there.

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