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Wisely, Julie doesn't even bother to try convincing us that the results of tonight's eviction vote between Spencer and Amanda are in doubt. But there's also going to be a second eviction tonight, so at the very least we can probably expect some PTSD flashbacks from Judd. Then she welcomes us to the five hundredth episode of the show. It certainly feels like the five hundredth episode. Of this season.

Previouslies, credits, and a flashback to yesterday's Veto meeting, in which McCrae Vetoed himself, and GinaMarie made Spencer the replacement nominee, a position for which Spencer volunteered. Amanda DRs that she thinks GinaMarie's targeting of her is personal. How's the weather out there on that limb, Amanda? After the Veto meeting, GinaMarie says that yes, she's breaking them up because they're too powerful, but Amanda maintains that GinaMarie is motivated by jealousy. "One hundred percent," Amanda insists, which is what she usually says when she's wrong about something. The other houseguests listen gleefully while GinaMarie wastes her breath trying to defend her moves to Amanda.

Still, Amanda's not ready to give up. In fact, she's desperate enough to approach Elissa to ask for her vote. She offers her own allegiance to Elissa as well as McCrae's, and also Andy's -- which of course isn't hers to offer any more (not that Elissa is aware of that). Amanda says that Elissa is the next big target after Amanda's departure, so it might be to her advantage to forestall that departure. To her credit, Amanda seems to realize it's a long shot. "I have tortured her a lot lately," she realizes belatedly in the DR. "A lot." Which is a big part of the reason you're here now, Sunshine.

But Elissa tells us in the DR that Amanda got through to her. In fact, Elissa later tells Amanda that she trusts her more than she trusts GinaMarie and Spencer. I guess it is true that Amanda never lied to Elissa when she was going on about how much she hated her. They're at the stage where they're discussing collateral (Elissa offers Amanda her wedding ring) and going to the final four with McCrae and Andy. But then Andy wanders in, and Elissa invites him in on it. Andy looks frankly stunned, if not horrified, because this means he's going to have to publicly pick a side. Which is his least favorite thing to do. He leaves them to work out the terms, which should be a sign to Amanda and Elissa that he's off to go tattle to someone else. Amanda just thinks that Andy's reaction is that of one who had given in to despair but now sees a glimmer of hope. It's a glimmer of something, all right. I'm feeling a glimmer of nausea at watching these two ex-archenemies hug each other, to be honest.

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