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After a flashback to Jeff's nomination of Kalia and Porsche, it's Day 49. Porsche Diary-Rooms that of the two nominees, she's the bigger threat and thus the target, while Kalia says that she does more than Porsche and thus...Porsche is the target. So they're in agreement on that, at least. Jeff says that if the nominations don't change then Kalia's going, but if they do, it's curtains for Daniele. As for Daniele herself, she DRs that she hopes to prevent that, "but it's going to really suck to see one of my closest allies leave." I can think of one way around that.

Later, Daniele asks Kalia what it's like to be on the block, and reminds her that she, Daniele, is the only person in the house who hasn't been nominated this season. Way to jinx it, ditz. Kalia checks a point of policy: if Daniele wins the Veto and saves Kalia she can't go up herself, right? Daniele confirms that, but what about her deal with Jeff to throw the PoV competition? Well, Daniele's having second thoughts about that, especially since saving Kalia would force Jeff to nominate one of his allies. Kalia says their best-case scenario is Daniele winning Veto. Daniele correctly points out that Kalia winning Head of Household would have been better. "Tou," Kalia says, "ché."

Daniele goes and visits Porsche while Porsche's doing exactly what Jeff thought she would in response to her nomination, i.e. taking a nap. Porsche is also pinning her hopes on Daniele winning the Veto, since if either of the nominees save themselves, it means sacrificing Daniele. Without whom they are both screwed anyway, even though Porsche's the only one who knows it.

Adam lamely tries to take Jeff to task for not nominating Daniele. Jeff assures Adam that he knows what he's doing, and Adam is so eager to be convinced that he offers to let Jeff tell him what to do if he wins the Veto. Jeff makes oblique mob-movie remarks that Adam pretends to understand.

Rachel joins Daniele and Porsche and Kalia. Rachel grills Daniele about being sad over eating slop, and it being her 25th birthday. Rachel might actually be attempting to be friendly here, which I wouldn't say if the tone of her voice right now weren't conversational instead of its usual bitchy bray. But Daniele DRs that Rachel's making her life hard, while Rachel DRs that she's doing so in revenge for evicting Brendon, not once but twice. Daniele comes outside to pout in front of Jordan and Adam, and after a minute Rachel follows her and drives her away again with more low-voltage taunts. Jordan actually gets irritated with Rachel, not buying her innocent act at all. And Jordan could afford to buy it if she wanted.

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