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They Won't Have James to Kick Around Any More

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They Won't Have James to Kick Around Any More

Julie welcomes us to day 63 in a black-and-white top that makes her torso look like a mangled section of highway, paired with a gold-braid belt that makes it look like somebody shot her in the groin with an Admiral. She alerts us that either Sharon or James is leaving the house tonight.

Post-veto ceremony, everyone seems pretty certain that it's going to be James. Except James, of course, who has decided to follow a strategy of turning everyone against Natalie. He makes some snotty comments about her on the back porch, which everyone but Natalie finds amusing. In fact, she threatens them not to piss her off lest she win next week and punish them for their insolence. PUNISH! Yes, Natalie could stand to have a bit more of a sense of humor about herself, but it's pretty tacky of James to decide that the weakness he's going to exploit is that Natalie's given up working out since Matt's departure and is "gettin' big" (she isn't). Always a classy move, picking on a woman's weight. Presumably that bicycle he's riding around the world for peace has a "No Fat Chicks" sticker on it.

Later, the three women sun themselves and discuss which of the boys to target next (Natalie's got her crosshairs on Adam), while Adam and Ryan hunker in the shade of the back porch and quietly talk about how they're going to "knock the bitches out." Charming. Natalie tells Sheila and Sharon that they should stick together, but as soon as Sharon leaves, Natalie tells Sheila that the need to get rid of Sharon so the two of them can win. Natalie's closest ally is always whoever is next to her. Surprisingly, Sheila sees through Natalie's act, so she goes to Sharon and whispers to her about how Natalie is going to be gunning for them. All this whispering gets on my nerves, because it makes me have to look up from my typing. Speak up, hamsters!

And later, in the kitchen, Natalie goes to Adam and sneakily tells him that Sharon has decided to get rid of Adam. Which, you'll recall, is actually what Natalie was saying, not Sharon. And later still, Natalie tells Ryan that the two of them have to win, since Sharon wants the girls to stick together. "Miracles only happen through God and Jesus," she adds, apropos of nothing. Meanwhile, Jesus and God are both denying any responsibility for Natalie's HoH win a couple of weeks ago.

Sheila goes up to the HoH room to set Adam straight on what Natalie has really been saying (at least to Sheila), because Sheila wants to go to the end with Adam. Adam DRs that he doesn't know whom to believe.

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