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Happy Birthday to Keesha

After a replay of the nomination ceremony -- in which Memphis and Jessie were nominated, as you'll recall, we get some DR reactions from the principals. Memphis isn't happy about being nominated along with someone from his alliance, as though April was going to nominate... well, actually never mind. Jessie has decided that it's an "honor" to be nominated three out of four weeks, because the alternate conclusion would be that he's maybe not that awesome, and obviously that couldn't be the case. But Michelle knows her Big Brother history, and is aware that pawns tend to go home. April DRs that Memphis is her target, and she's going to keep it that way. And Jessie gets some whispered assurances from April and Ollie that he's not going anywhere.

Dan goes into the DR to get his America's Player instructions: he has to hug Jessie for at least 10 seconds. Dan's approach is to ask for some alone time with Jessie, and he actually works up some fake tears whining about missing his girlfriend Monica. Jessie is full of whispered encouragements to Dan, even as Dan latches onto him for a full 17 seconds (winking up at the camera on second twelve). Task completed. You should have held out for thirty seconds, America.

Here's who's playing in this week's PoV competition: HoH April (who draws Michelle's name), along with nominees Jessie (who draws Libra) and Memphis (who draws Jerry). April taps Renny as the host, so brace yourself. April DRs that she feels the whole weight of the upcoming competition on herself, since she doesn't trust Libra or Jerry right now.

Later, in the HoH room, she's saying as much to Ollie, Keesha, and Dan, when Libra and Renny join the group. April continues bitching about the paltry forces arrayed on her side (speculating that Jerry would do great at a nose-picking competition, as though that's out of the question on this show), to the point where Libra takes offense and leaves the room. With that cloud over everyone, the others offer to give April some alone time, which of course means time alone with Ollie so she can bitch about Libra openly.

Down in the women's bedroom, Libra and Keesha commiserate about how little regard April has for them. Through the thin walls, Jessie wakes up from his "third or fourth nap of the day" and listens in, hearing both Libra's complaints and Keesha's protestations that nobody can tell her who to talk to, presumably in reference to Memphis. "That's all I need to hear," he DRs.

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