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Farewell, Evil One
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What I love about Big Brother is that it's almost over.


Previously: Janelle won lots of competitions, was twirled, was called a princess, and pretty much did as she was told. Erika convinced herself that the world was so short of available men in their thirties that it was necessary to put her mouth on Mike's mouth, and somewhere, a single guy in his thirties was like, "Hello? How about a little love for the flatulent, rabies-stricken cockroach fetishist?" But alas, Erika had already settled.

Danielle's eviction in blue and white is accompanied by both the weirdly slasher-movie-like piano music we've come to expect and Will's DR explanation that nobody should have been surprised at what happened to Danielle after the same thing happened to so many other people before her. Janelle says that the eviction was "emotional" because Danielle is such a good player. That's why, of course, Janelle once said of Danielle, "That great player has to go." Oh, wait. She didn't. Mike says he was "proud and happy for her" that Danielle went out "with her head held high." I'm sure that knowing she didn't let Mike down in terms of class and dignity means everything to her. You always want to hear the warthog tell you that you look pretty. And then we slide to color, and Erika talks about how it was so tough to evict Danielle, and she just hopes Danielle, who declared her intention to vote for "the strongest player," might think that she's the strongest player and give her a vote. I do not think that's going to happen. I think to Danielle, part of being "the best player" involves being "not the person most directly responsible for evicting Danielle." And then, of course, we relive the quick eviction of George. Janelle initially thought of nominating Mike, of course, but she didn't, because Will told her not to. Apparently, the most impartial source Janelle could think of for wisdom about whether to nominate Mike was Mike's closest ally and best bud. Hilariously, in the DR, Janelle says that she lies in bed and thinks about former houseguests. She refers to this as "studying." That is awesome. If I could reclassify my daydreaming as "studying," I would have several additional degrees by now.

Erika says that she was rooting for Will or Mike, because she was so sure they wouldn't put her up. Will tells us that the whole overdrive thing was terrible for his game, which is typically slow and methodical. That's completely true, too, which makes one "completely true" for Will this season, I think. He's right that one of the things that makes him good is that he often doesn't expect to convince people the first time he brings something up. He's perfectly happy to wait and raise an issue again later, which I think is how he helps them feel like they're not being handled. I mean, in the "overdrive" show, Will wound up having to pretty much just order Janelle to do what he wanted, even though he punctuated it with compliments and twirling, and even Janelle would have caught on if he had to do that every week. "Janelle listens to me because she's in love with me," Will says plainly, which is kind of sad, but true. She's not in love like Erika is, with the visions of long-term happiness, but she's in love like high-school girls are, all swoony and out of her mind. It's particularly unfortunate because her reason for being "in love" with him is that he says things to her like, "Who's the hottest girl in the Big Brother house?" So she's not so much in love with Will as in love with the concept of an endless stream of uninterrupted flattery.

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