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The Spirit Of Fairness

Previously on Big Brother 8, we met eleven houseguests, and they met each other, and then they found out that the house also contained three other people. Each of these three happened to be an enemy of one of the original eleven. So far. At this point, someone decides that the previouslies have gone on long enough, so they run the title sequence. But then the previouslies continue, as we re-watch the allegedly dramatic entrances of Carol's ex-BFF Jessica, who, like Carol, doesn't even seem to remember why they hate each other; Daniele's dad Dick, who puts the "strange" in "estranged"; and Joe's ex Dustin, who interviews, "You could literally see that tight wire between the two of us," and now Dustin is my enemy as well for misusing the word "literally."

As Day 1 continues, Daniele has herself a minor weepy in the bathroom, which attracts Jameka, Carol, and Kail. Like Carol and Jessica, Daniele doesn't remember the original reason for her falling out with Dick, just that they haven't talked for two years. She interviews that he wasn't around when she was growing up, and was never much of a father figure. Well, he's going to be around now, right? Why not give him a chance to show how good a father he can be when there's half a million dollars at stake? Dick joins Daniele in the bathroom, and the other women clear out. He looks like he's trying to smooth things over, saying it's going to be tough for both of them. Daniele just wants him to know that she's told everyone that she's twenty-one already, so don't tell anyone otherwise. Come on, how bad a dad could he be if he knows her correct age? Dick thinks she's lost weight, and I'm glad to say that he notes this with concern rather than approval or lechery. She says she's fine, and he says he misses her. He says they need to be nice to each other, since they're going to be in the house together for a long time. "Hopefully the final two together," he says, because it's never too soon to start putting together an alliance. In fact, an even better time to forge an alliance with her would have been in August of 1986. He asks for a hug, but she puts him off, and then he sheds a photogenic tear or two for our benefit in the Diary Room.

Other enemies are also getting caught up, as Joe unpacks while Dustin leans on the weirdly tall bed across from him. Joe complains, "I did not want to entertain these people with my bitter bullshit about you." Dustin correctly points out that we're already there, what with the fact that among the first words the other houseguests -- and indeed, much of America -- heard about Dustin, "gonorrhea" was one of them. Dustin points out that Joe slept with his best friend to get back at him. "No, I didn't do it to get back at you," Joe says meanly. Joe tells Dustin to get out of his face, so Dustin obligingly ducks out through the little mousehole that serves as this bedroom's door. Hee.

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