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The Ragan Revolution

You may or may not recall that Thursday night's episode left the eight non-Rachel houseguests holding onto a giant spinning paint can. Brendon Diary Rooms that he needs to win to keep himself and Rachel safe, while Hayden seems to think that he can send both Brendon and Rachel home in revenge for Kristen's departure. Which at least has helped Hayden focus on the Brigade. More great news for the Brigade!

After a flashback to Kristen's eviction, Kathy DRs that she was the one vote to keep Kristen, and she's ready to face the consequences. We're about to see what she means by that.

Back to the paint can, where a little more than eight minutes has elapsed. Ragan's arms are hurting already, and everyone else is pretty turned off by the blobs of paint being spewed at them. Kathy offers to be the first off and thus the one Have-Not of the week. "Is that a deal?" she asks. And she jumps off without finalizing anything with anyone, just under 13 minutes. Kathy claims in the DR that she's purposely trying to appear weak. She's succeeding.

With 17 minutes elapsed, Lane's weight is starting to tell on his beefy arms. Brendon, as always, experiments with some dorky positions. Rachel keeps calling out encouragement to Brendon, which earns her some mocking from just about everyone in the DR. Enzo jumps down at 26:13, DRing that the Brigade will cover him. Matt calls him out on this, but only in the Diary Room.

Now everyone is just waiting for Brendon to fall, and eventually he does, at 36:06. Looks like another tough week for them, and even Rachel is annoyed with him for letting her down. Although she keeps most of it inside the DR, she can't stop herself from telling him to make sure to win PoV. And she thinks that if she keeps winning HoHs, she's going to be a bigger target than Brendon. So I guess she'll have to rely on her charm, then.

Lane goes down next, at 46:12. Britney drops a few seconds later, at least according to the clock, saying she doesn't want to be in the position of nominating people who think she's their ally. Hayden falls the very same minute, so now its down to Matt and Ragan, for their second endurance competition. Rachel quietly hopes that Matt will give it to Ragan. Good luck with that. But Ragan gets the idea of dropping voluntarily to keep himself clean in this week's nominations. Metaphorically clean, that is, because the paint spray is coming on harder. And finally Ragan drops at a little over an hour and ten minutes, marking Matt's second HoH stint. The same two people keep winning every week, don't they? What is this, The Amazing Race? Matt even tells Rachel as she awards him the HoH key, "See you next week in the room. I'll keep the sheets clean for you." Heh, and also, considering the alternative, EW! Matt says that he came through for the Brigade, but Hayden says he better not screw up the nominations again or they're kicking him out. Trouble in the brigade already, again?

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