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You Can't Spell "Aaryn" without "Aryan."

Julie and her sleeveless green jumpsuit (!) welcome us to the show with an introduction that's so non-specific it could be used any week. To remind us which one it actually is, we go into the black-and-white flashback of the Veto ceremony shown last night. Afterward, Jeremy says that Nick's replacement nomination doesn't matter because Elissa's going home. Spoken like someone who's about to be kicked in the tits. Elissa DRs that this is her second nomination (in two weeks), but she's hoping her housemates will figure out that Nick is a huge threat. Nick is still confident, which means Elissa is probably right. And Helen DRs that she's taking it upon herself to get Nick out instead of Elissa. Even though it's not like Helen's in any danger either way.

In the bathroom, Amanda and Candice discuss the week's vote. Candice says the women need to stick together so it's not all dudes at the end like usual, apparently forgetting how two years ago it was Rachel's sister, some other chick and a total nonentity at the end. Amanda seems to be on board, saying they're among the few people who can trust Elissa.

Candice meets with Elissa in the Have-Not room and they tally up the votes it'll take to boot Nick: Candice, McCrae, Amanda, Judd and possibly Howard, who Candice will work on. Apparently they've forgotten about the Moving Company. As Helen joins them, they figure Jessie is too beholden to the cool kids and Spencer is not trustworthy, but at least they're going to find out his allegiances this week. Helen later chats with Andy, who seems torn and worried that the other side of the house is going to come after them.

Late at night, Elissa makes a whispered pitch to Jessie in bed, warning her that if Nick stays they're all screwed. Jessie DRs that she's having doubts about her previous determination to vote out Elissa. Or maybe she's just swayed by the few people who are actually paying attention to her.

The next morning, Helen follows up with an even harder sell to Jessie, saying that Jeremy and Nick are no match for the people Helen's claiming for her side, including Elissa, Andy, Judd, McCrae, Amanda and possibly Howard, all of whom Helen claims would be willing to keep her safe next week as if she's on their radar anyway. Jessie's sold and Helen says that's six votes, enough to evict Nick. And if not, she'll know that people are lying. Of course, at that point, there won't be anything she can do about it.

While McCrae and Amanda cuddle in the hammock, Howard gets nervous about what this pairing could mean for the Moving Company. "Women know stuff and they figure stuff out," Howard frets in the DR. So he takes Nick aside to express his concerns that McCrae doesn't have as much sway over Amanda as he claims. Nick has concerns of his own, namely that "the girls go crazy and they think that there' a guy alliance and they vote me out because of that." Yes, that would be crazy, to act rationally based on a totally accurate conclusion. Spencer takes Howard's place for a one-on-one with Nick, and he also has concerns about Amanda. They decide a come-to-Jesus meeting with McCrae is in order. So when Spencer and Howard approach McCrae with their concerns regarding Amanda, he gives them assurances that he's on their side and will cut Amanda loose the second he gets a whiff of anything. Spoken like someone who doesn't expect that to happen.

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