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From the Jaws of Defeat

You may recall that on Sunday, HoH Danielle (which, right there: !) nominated Wil and Frank. Wil's taking it with his usual level of equanimity, as we see in the DR; Frank reminds us that this is his third nomination in four weeks (one of which he was HoH), and Dan says that he managed to pull off keeping the coaches safe, just like he'd hoped. After the nomination ceremony, Danielle and Wil head up to the HoH room and have a teary heart-to-heart in which Danielle assures Wil that he's not her target. Wil hugs her in forgiveness, but we already know that later he's going to go into the DR and bitch about her, so who's the untrustworthy one again?

Frank laughs ruefully to Mike about how he's been nominated three of four weeks, and wonders why everyone's out to get him. They agree that they hate Danielle. And Dan. And Janelle. And pretty much everyone else in the house except each other. Mike in turn figures that his own non-nomination means that he's getting backdoored, because he's unaware of Dan's coach-protecting campaign. Maybe that's something Dan should talk to Mike about. It at least makes more sense than Frank considering cutting his hair so he'll seem less threatening. Listen, Frank, there are a number of reasons the other players consider you a threat, but your hair's at the bottom of the list.

Janelle visits the HoH room and she and Dan talk about how Mike is being an idiot, "up Frank's ass" and everything. Dan asks Janelle what's up with that, and Janelle tells Dan about how Mike doesn't want to play with women, and is all "bros before hos." I'm actually disappointed in Dan that he needs to be told this. Janelle says in the DR (and to Dan) that the coaches need to work together. Dan agrees to approach Mike, with more reluctance than anything else.

Down in the storage room, Dan talks to Mike about what he hopes is Mike's "angry act," but Mike assures him it's not an act, since he's expecting to be backdoored. But more to the point, Mike is angry over being lied to about Frank, and isn't open to Dan's overtures. In fact, he says that if he, Mike, wins the Veto, he plans to use it to save Frank. Well, clearly one guy in this room realizes that the game has changed, and one doesn't.

Ian is feeling pretty abandoned by Mike, and is now casting about for an alliance to join. And being pretty obvious with people that this is exactly what he is doing. He approaches Britney and Danielle in the HoH room and says he's looking to work with someone. Britney asks Ian if he's be willing to vote Mike out if it comes to it, and even after last week's debacle, Ian mush-mouths a vaguely affirmative answer rather than the simple yes Britney's interviewing for. Britney gives him a little speech about loyalty and his need to make up his mind before they're willing to take him on board. Dan wanders in, and seems more open to the Ian of it all.

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