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Ending and Pretending

Roddy. He asks Danielle how much she hated eating PB&J. Yeah, you're too classy and cool to get into it with her. We get it, Brother Superior. It's good to know he hasn't changed. Danielle obligingly says she hated the peanut butter and jelly. Of course, we knew that. Roddy asks Lisa her favorite memory of the house. She says it was watching her own growth experience. Eric sort of shakes his head, smiles a little wryly, and says, "Damn." I'm thinking he was hoping for the dinner, or perhaps one of their make-out sessions. I liked that. That was cute. Not that she didn't announce to an entire chat that the first time he kissed her, it was kind of bad. I can't imagine he didn't take a fair amount of abuse at the fire station over that one.

Marcellas says he has no questions for either of them. Why, after all, would he intentionally turn the focus of attention to someone other than himself? Why would we think he would do such a thing? The degree to which all these people are using their Q&A moment to reaffirm every negative quality we've ever seen in them is really striking.

Jason's turn. Everyone is crying. He doesn't ask any questions, because he suffers from a fundamental lack of curiosity, and without Danielle to tell him what to ask, he's a little adrift. He tells them both that he loves them, and they all cry big fat tears of foiled friendship. I think speculation on the boards is correct that Jason knows that Danielle has lost the game, and that's the reason for the extensive crying. Either that, or he's just a big baby, which is also possible. Or he's thinking, "I wonder if sleeping with Lisa would have helped."

And now, we get what look like closing arguments. Lisa announces that she came into the house saying she would play with her heart. She insists that playing with her heart didn't make her weak; it just made her a "different player." Roddy picks at his foot and looks bored. There is way too much gel in that man's hair. Each spike is individually distinguishable from space. "I'm sitting next to Danielle because I brought her here," Lisa says with a gentle smile. I really like that line, because I think Lisa correctly surmises that the way she might lose this vote was sort of on a "Danielle played the hell out of this game" theory. So what Lisa is pointing out is that Lisa had the power to eliminate Danielle, and it's only because she chose not to that Danielle is there. I think it's the right thing to say to these people, actually. She then specifically calls out Gerry, and the fact that he called her "lucky." She says she's choosing to take it as a compliment. I think she did well for herself.

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