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Ending and Pretending

Oh, good. It's time for more of the part of the show where Josh talks. He asks Lisa why he shouldn't vote for Danielle. It's actually not a bad choice of question, for an idiot. She says the reason is that she was a playing for "an honest person to win." How boring! Good grief, like Josh is going to vote based on honesty. Lisa should have told him that if he voted for her, she'd give him a lap dance. Or pick the bugs out of his horrible little beard. When it's Danielle's turn, he asks her why he shouldn't vote for Lisa. Danielle says that she was "on a mission" and "did what [she] had to do." That was an even worse answer than Lisa's! None of these women knows the first thing about handling Josh. Of course, only the Health Department really does. They have guidelines. Involving latex gloves, Lysol, and boiling water. (Oh Josh, I missed you so much.)

Chiara asks Danielle to list all the houseguests to whom she told a lie. Danielle unapologetically says she lied to everyone but Jason. And possibly Lori, because there just wasn't time. Kiki then asks Lisa whether Lisa forgives Kiki for calling her insecure. Huh? I guess that's called, "Kiki Telegraphs Her Vote." Maybe she thinks Roddy will grab her, throw her down, and start making out with her. Lisa says she doesn't understand why Chiara called her insecure, but she's going to go back to her first instinct, which was to be Chiara's friend. So the answer is yes. Sort of. In truth, the answer is basically, "Whatever, freak." Heh.

Gerry asks them both the same question: if you don't win the money, what was the flaw in your game? Ooh, cool question. I love that question. Danielle basically can't come up with the flaw in her game, because she's convinced that the only reason anyone is unhappy with her is because she was "dishonest," and she says that if she hadn't been, she wouldn't be in the finals. She really doesn't grasp the difference between "dishonest" and "gratuitously mean." I don't think they're angry at her because she was secretly in an alliance with Jason. I think they're mad at her for things like...well, yes, the "devil" stuff, but also the way she would ridicule Amy, and the way she would ridicule Gerry, and most of all the way she had to sit in the DR and gloat over how brilliant she was. I'm convinced it's at least 50% Danielle's attitude, and not her game play, that's the real issue. Perhaps that's fair and perhaps it's not, but it's not the same as if it were all about an abstract notion of "integrity." Lisa says that if she loses, her mistake will be bringing another "Will" -- not well-liked, but well-respected as a player -- to sit at the finals with her. Eh.

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