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Ending and Pretending

Tonya asks Lisa about certain unkind things Lisa said about her after she was gone. We see Lisa say in blue and white that Tonya's conversations were all "too materialistic." Tonya asks what Lisa's "true feelings" about her are. Rather than answer something like, "You're a freaky plastic doll," like she's thinking, Lisa dodges the question entirely, just apologizing if she said anything about Tonya that was hurtful. Tonya turns her attention to Danielle, and leads off by saying she doesn't care at all about what Danielle thinks of her. Yeah, I don't think Danielle's getting that vote. Stand back and be in awe of my ability to read people, but that's my guess. Tonya asks Danielle what she could change about the game, if she could change one thing. Danielle says she would have held onto the key. Not, of course, "I wouldn't have flapped my yap and blown my chances at the half-million." Because she doesn't learn. Blue-and-white Danielle lets go of the key.

Amy asks Danielle how honest she was in her diary room sessions. I find that an interesting question. Because Danielle was so mean and so cocky, I think it makes her look bad to make her say, "Yes, I meant every mean and cocky word." On the other hand, the structure of the question gives her an opening to say that all she ever did was tell the truth -- which is essentially what she does. I'm curious about why Amy asked her that. She asks Lisa how honest her diary room sessions were. Lisa basically says that she didn't say anything she didn't mean, but that she didn't say everything she was thinking, either. (No dummy in that regard, Lisa.)

Eric asks Danielle how she would rate her performance in terms of "ethics." Which is stupid, because no one really knows what "ethics" means in this context. Does it refer to being "honest"? I mean, who cares about honest? I don't think Danielle's play was unethical in the slightest. I just came to detest her personality. Why are we discussing ethics? Sigh. Danielle obviously doesn't know what Eric means either, so she whimpers out something to the effect that she wasn't ethical, but that she didn't break any rules. Or something. Not a good job of answering that question at all. The point here, I think, is to figure out what the person asking the question wants you to say. Eric greets Lisa with "How you doin'?" which is stupid, because anyone in America could have told him that his line was "Hi." They never get in touch with me in advance, so I can tell them these things. Eric asks Lisa about when she voted to bring Amy back instead of him. He asks her whether she thought that might sway his vote, and asks how it affected her. Clearly shaky about having this be the first time they get to talk about this fairly significant issue, Lisa says she didn't think about the final vote, but that her reason for not bringing him back was that they would only have had to separate again. Which is totally not true, which he knows -- she rightfully voted not to bring him back for strategic purposes, and I'm not sure why she doesn't just admit it. I mean, everyone knows already, Lisa.

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