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Ending and Pretending

Okay, this is all I'm going to say about this. The only things there are in this game are (1) staying in the house; and (2) getting people to vote for you at the end. Those are the only two things you have to do. They are both legitimately part of the game. There is no reason in hell why anyone should vote for you in the second part because of how well you played the first part. Simply put, why should you hand half a million bucks to an ass? This isn't a game of skill in any sense other than making other people make decisions the way you want them to. There isn't anything to it -- no racing, no challenges, no games; not really. The only way Danielle "played the best" was in convincing people to do what she wanted and fooling them into not thwarting her. But she did a horrible job of securing votes at the end, which is equally part of the game. So I have had about all I can take of this "Danielle deserved to win" argument. There's no such thing as deserving to win in this game, except by making people want to vote for you. "I hate you" is a perfectly valid basis on which to vote, in my opinion. I certainly wouldn't have voted for Danielle to win a penny, because she was cocky and arrogant and full of herself. And I love seeing people like that not get what they want.

Julie says that the houseguests will reveal their votes one by one. They show us PMR sessions in which the evictees share their "thoughts." Chiara claims to have "wavered." By which she means "asked Roddy what he wanted me to do a bunch of times," I suspect. Josh talks about his internal debate over whether to vote "emotionally" or "strategically." I think it's interesting that apparently those lead him in opposite directions. Is he saying he would emotionally vote for Lisa? Weird. Roddy equivocates. Eric says his relationship with Lisa isn't the be-all and end-all of his decision (yeah, right). Marcellas talks about Danielle being "amazing." Josh compares Lisa to Forrest Gump (heh). Lori says she respects Danielle. Amy talks about how Danielle played everyone brilliantly. Josh says, "To knock Danielle for what she did to get to the finals is to not understand the game." Sigh. See previous paragraph.

Julie tells us again -- in case this is the first time you've seen the show -- that the ten evictees will get the final say in who wins. Before they vote, though, the evictees have a chance to ask Lisa and Danielle a final question. For this session, the evictees are in the big studio living room, and Lisa and Danielle are seen onscreen from inside the house. Lori asks Lisa whether she has regrets about the first HoH and the original alliance. Lisa says she does -- in fact, the original alliance is her single regret. "I'm not one to judge someone as quickly as I did," she says, deftly sucking up to Lori while also lending a suck to Marcellas. Lori asks Danielle about the handwashing incident -- which of course was highlighted by Gerry's hands! In the salad! Danielle says she recalls that. Danielle and Lori both agree they blew up at each other. Well, that was certainly dull. I think Lori missed a memo about taking the opportunity to pick your personal scabs. Everyone else got the memo, though. You'll see. And it was apparently quite a persuasive memo. NEXT!

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