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Ending and Pretending

Sort of apropos of nothing, Lori -- in a weird off-the-shoulder purple peasant top -- says that Danielle is "very dynamic." I never know what people mean by "dynamic." I'd think it's a synonym for "loud," except that no one ever says it about me.

Chiara returns her tray table to the full upright and locked position as the Roddy-Won't-You-Please-Love-Me Redeye takes her from Wackyland to Goofyville. She says that her problem with Danielle was how Danielle talked about Roddy. She thinks, but does not say, "After all, that's my future husband she's talking about." Blah dee blah devil, and so forth. Interestingly, of all the people Danielle was really crappy and mean about, I think Roddy took the least of it. I always got the impression that she said "devil" with a weird kind of grudging respect -- I didn't take it as literally as some of these people do. I think of her as having been much meaner in her talk about Chiara and Amy and Lori and Tonya and Gerry and some of those folks. I think Danielle thought that she and Roddy were mutually respectful worthy adversaries, in a weird way, so I find it really interesting that it is the way she talked about Roddy that's really coming back to bite her.

Jason launches into a defense of Danielle, and because Marcellas cannot stand to have anyone in the room look at anyone other than him for one moment, he makes a great show of standing up from his seat next to Jason and making Amy slide over so he doesn't have to sit beside Jason. "It was very difficult for me to sit next to the Christian virgin and have him sort of glorify meanness," Marcellas says in the PMR. Putting aside the incredible hypocrisy Marcellas displays here -- given that he was so cruel in the way he talked about Gerry and others -- I think it's especially comedically stupid that he somehow implies that virgins should be nicer than other people. Where does he get his ridiculous notions, anyway? Target, I suppose. Doesn't everyone shop at Target now? When Marcellas is finished glorifying...well, himself, Jason returns to the theme that, in reality, Danielle loves everyone and was just playing the game. He tells them that he knows Danielle better than they all do, so they should take his word for it. Fat chance, Li'l Soul Patch. Jason accuses them of "faulting people for playing the game" if they don't vote for her. Not that it was really "game" for her to go in the diary room and talk about how Amy thought she was sexy and really wasn't. That's just mean talk, which is fine. And yes, we all do it. But if you want somebody to vote for you to take home money, you don't do it. Danielle's DR sessions were poor game play. Why is that hard for Jason to understand? "I want you to consider giving this game to the person that has played the game the best."

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